'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: When Tamra and Gretchen Make Nice
'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: When Tamra and Gretchen Make Nice
The Real Housewives of Orange County are back yet again. How are they still alive? Orange County MAGIC. Even the Desperate Housewives, the show that originally inspired this series, is calling it quits. Anyway, there's another new one and she's a brunette named Heather. Oh, and Peggy is not an official Housewife this season.

Slade is still in the picture. Gretchen's picture. And Gretchen and Tamra are trying to bury the hatchet at lunch. Gretchen is trying to remove the negativity from her life. Can two people who take such pleasure in trashing one another bury the hatchet, though? Gretchen is dressed like a slutty school girl. Like, the porno kind that is obviously not in school.

Vicki is divorced and selling her giant house. If you want to sell that house, take down all the family pictures, Vicki! That's what you do before you fluff the pillows and straighten the bedspread. I learned that from Sabrina Soto on HGTV. Vicki is dating someone named Brooks, who she met at an insurance conference. Finally, someone who loves insurance as much as she does? Oh, and he lives in Mississippi.

Tamra is also ready to end her feud with Gretchen. Will this be like Kim and NeNe where it's more fun when they get along? Gretchen insists that Tamra might actually like her if she got to know her. Tamra didn't come to this lunch to play patty-cake, though. They apologized, and Tamra gave Gretchen some karma beads. I hope they can be friends and gang up against the new girl, Heather.

Who cares what Alexis has been up to? Alexis Couture and FOX beauty tips on Fridays, that's what. And I think they're living in a new house because the other one may or may not have gone into foreclosure?

In the beige conference room, Tamra and a beige-wearing Vicki meet to talk about divorce. Simon won't sign the divorce papers. Does this shock Vicki, or has her face just been pulled back too many times? Anyway, true to Real Housewives fashion, Vicki is having a party for the episode. No reason, just for the sake of a party.

Heather Dubrow is the new Housewife, and Tamra's new client. Heather is looking at a big lot that is listed at $4.6 million. Jesus. Heather wants to build a new house because they built one around the idea of having three kids, then had a fourth. Tamra deduces that Heather is "probably a bitch." Heather is invited to the party/tv show. Bring your throwing wine!

Why is Alexis wearing that awful track suit thing to be on TV? Oh, it's a "fitness segment" with "Dr. Booty." So, Dr. Booty, what exercise do you do if your butt is enhanced with plastic surgery? Alexis is a terrible correspondent; even for National Booty Awareness Month.

Heather and Tamra meet for coffee, and Heather just isn't sure she wants to live above a shopping center. Tamra invites Heather to the party to meet "the crew." "Who is 'the crew?'" Heather asks, feigning ignorance.

Gretchen and Alexis meet up, and Alexis gave Gretchen an Alexis Couture original! Gross! They discuss, what else, the party. Peggy will be attending, and Alexis is nervous because she and Peggy had it OUT at the reunion. Tamra and Gretchen feel like they're sneaking around being friends, because Vicki and Alexis might be jealous. We shall see!

The big mystery element here in the Peggy vs. Alexis feud is Jim. Why did they both date him? He is gross and seems kind of controlling/scary. I guess he's rich? They both talked about him for way too long.

Vicki's party is, wait for it, Cajun themed! Because she's dating a guy from "the South." Mississippi, though, not Louisiana. Whatever. Gumbo it up, Gunvalson. Two gossip-filled limo rides later, all the ladies arrived. Gretchen's brunette friend was WAY under-dressed, it seems.

We will have to see what will happen next week, though. You know what I'm living for this season, based on the Season 7 preview? SLADE DOING TERRIBLE STAND-UP COMEDY. What are YOU looking forward to?

(images courtesy of Bravo)