5 Things I Learned About Having a Baby from Bethenny Getting Married
I'm serious, I didn't know this stuff before, having never had a baby. But at least I knew what a bassinet was, MAX, and I bet I could figure out how to put it together. Just sayin'. So without further ado, 5 Things I Learned About Having a Baby from Bethenny Getting Married?.

1. You might not notice if your water breaks. And it happens gradually. In movies it's like "GUSHHHH" but for Bethenny it was like "whuh-uhoh."

2. All that CPR stuff. How scary! I wouldn't know what to do if a baby was choking, and if I took a class from that woman, I'm still not sure I would know. Pretty sure the Heimlich Maneuver would be a bad idea, though. 
3. There is special "I-just-had-a-baby" underwear. Well, maybe not really, and if there is, Max sure didn't get it (a thong? Really?). But underpants with some stretch to them, preferably of the "granny" variety, seem to be the ticket post-birth. But probably neither of these people knew what they were doing:
4. You can only eat ice and ice-related products. Is it a poop thing? Is it because you poop when you give birth? 
5.  The epidural makes you go from "ARGH!" to "ahhhhh."  As Bethenny said, "now it's a party . . . now we're at a bar." I've heard mothers recommend the epidural (if you can get over having a giant needle stuck into your spine) but Bethenny's transformation was a complete 180.
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(images courtesy of Bravo)