5 Reasons Why Bethenny May Have Gone Into Early Labor
We found out from the preview for next week's episode, and if you've checked up on magazines and blogs, that Bethenny gave birth to her baby five weeks early. Here are a few old wives' tales  (and non-wives' tales) to support why Bethenny went into early labor. (Note: this isn't Mythbusters, or even real science; it's just for fun)

1. Spicy Foods. If you eat spicy foods, or an extremely hot pepper at a restaurant in St. Barts, the baby may want to get out of there. The spicy foods thing is true, but I'm not sure one pepper at seven and a half months pregnant would do the trick alone.

2. Amateur prenatal foot massage. There are certain pressure points, particularly on the feet, that an inexperienced masseuse could touch and trigger early labor or problems with the pregnancy. Hopefully that guy at the Four Seasons knew what he was doing.

3. Stress. Bethenny is a busy woman and it's possible that the stress affected the pregnancy. Maybe the baby felt the pressure to come out and find a job.

4. Afro Dancing. In some cultures, it's a MUST before giving birth. It's the only way to do it! That is a lie.

5. Giant Stuffed Elephant. If you sensed that you were getting one, wouldn't you want to come out and claim it as soon as possible, too?