5 Best Moments from 'Bethenny Getting Married' the Lost Footage
Centuries from now, when archaeologists (SPACE ARCHAEOLOGISTS) are studying the culture of the "new millennium," they will encounter the Bravo archives.  It is here that they will stumble upon an old film reel (or flash drive) marked "Bethenny Getting Married? The Lost Footage" and one will exclaim "eureka! we've found it!"  It's flattering to think that some day, space archaeologists will think we were all as busy and world-dominating as Bethenny Frankel.

I think the intention of the "Lost Footage" episode of Bethenny Getting Married was to entertain, and give us our final Bethenny fix before Thursday nights are dominated by The Real Housewives of DC, but it mostly just stressed me out by reminding me just how much happened over the season and jumping around quickly on that timeline. The show did have its redeeming moments, though, and here were my five favorite "lost footage" scenes.

1. Bethenny tries to scare away people who want to buy her apartment. For some reason I guess it's okay for people to come look at your apartment even if you don't want to sell it in New York. Bethenny conspires with Max and Julie to make the apartment and the building as unappealing as possible by putting smelly shoes by the doorway, greeting them pregnant with a beer in hand, and telling them that the neighbors "smoke pot and eat steak." 

2. Bethenny's friend Jake critiques Bethenny's post-partum fashion. Gina helped, too, but every girl needs Jake to criticize them in the funniest way possible. I just love Jake, there was not enough of him in the un-lost footage. And Bryn was being held by a giant stuffed frog thing--how cute!

3. The Bethenny Pregnancy Food Tour. Everything looked so good, and I was happy to see that I'm not the only person with a weakness for french fries. I also liked Bethenny's reaction to the donut dessert: "kill yourself. Kill. your. self."

4. "Wife Up."  I didn't know about "wife up," and agree with Bethenny who exclaimed, "who says this?!" Supposedly, and according to Dr. Dre, to "wife up" means to make a girl your wife. Ugh.

5. Jason's introduces Bryn to the room. I enjoyed seeing Jason's personality and sense of humor, and it was exciting and fun to see them bring the baby home.

What were your favorite moments?

(image courtesy of Bravo)