The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Ring in the New Year
The 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Ring in the New Year
Happy New Year! In Real Housewives of New Jersey time, that is. Everyone is making resolutions and listening to Caroline's radio show about them. Melissa has resolved not to let Teresa get to her. Teresa has no plans to resolve anything of the kind.

Jacqueline would like Ashley to resolve to work harder. It turns out Ashley is a good artist, but doesn't want to do anything about it. She just gets bored with everything. Lauren Manzo invited Ashley to do some work on her brand t-shirts, but Ashley didn't do any of that. But Ashley is like "whatever!"

Let's go, Milania! The Giudice and Gorga kids are getting ready for a playdate. They're feeling feisty, though! Late again, Teresa's kids finally show. It might be too much for one adult to handle, so Teresa stays for a glass of wine. They discuss Teresa's feud with Kathy. Again, it seems like Joe might be the problem, but Teresa doesn't see it that way.

Teresa mentions that her second book is a family recipe cookbook. Melissa offers a recipe, which Teresa flatly denies. Then Melissa's singing career was put down, too. Next, Teresa is taking her "well-behaved" kids to the New Year's Eve party at the Brownstone. Give me pizza, you old troll!

Melissa is worried about what Caroline and Jacqueline think of her, but it appears that Kathy is the new mortal enemy of Teresa. Besides, Caroline is too busy looking like David Bowie for the new year. Chris calls it a 1950's greaser look. Everyone is worried that Caroline has a knife hidden in her shoe.

Drama Central: Kathy showed up to the party and brought baked goods. Teresa's pissed. She thinks Kathy stole the idea to cook from her cookbook. Meanwhile, Joe Giudice is having a great time calling Joe Gorga a dickface, and he's spreading the mean comments to Rich.

Some older dude approaches Kathy's daughter, Victoria, so Joe and Rich tell him to step off. In the second fight that almost happened, Teresa gets mad at Melissa for suggesting she should make up with Kathy.  I forget why Kathy and Teresa are even fighting.

The clock strikes midnight, and everything is just the same.

Next week, Jacqueline will let loose on Ashley! It's about time.

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