Teresa vs Joe, Who Won this 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Fight?
Teresa vs Joe, Who Won this 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Fight?
This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga sat down with Teresa Giudice to hash things out. They hashed out pretty much every recent detail of their feud, from the letter, to the card, and of course the christening. But did they resolve anything? Here's each person's list of grievances:


  • Joe won't explain how his family was "hurt," according to Teresa's in-letter apology, and Teresa won't explain what she meant.
  • Teresa put her husband ahead of her brother, which Kathy told her to do.
  • Joe got engaged to someone before Melissa, then Melissa moved in and they got married quickly. Teresa thinks Melissa married Joe for his money, and this put a wedge between Teresa and her brother.
  • Teresa thinks Joe is fake.
  • Joe never congratulated Teresa on her book. Even though she invited Melissa to book signings on Facebook.
  • Melissa has ignored calls from Teresa, and wrote, "congratulations to you in your re-done home" on a card.
  • Teresa thinks Melissa is cold to her.
  • Teresa wants to move forward since they're family.

  • Teresa has been neglecting his family, especially Melissa.
  • The christening was ruined, and Joe thinks it's Joe Giudice's fault.
  • Teresa caused friction between the two Joe's, which caused them to hate each other.
  • Teresa has neglected her real family for her friend family (Jacqueline and Caroline).
  • Joe wants Teresa to apologize.
  • Joe doesn't have a Facebook account, so he hasn't gotten any invitations to book signings.
  • Teresa hasn't been much of an aunt to Joe's kids.
  • Teresa threw Melissa's cookies in the garbage.
  • Teresa and Melissa are competitive, and Teresa won't admit it.
  • Teresa has influence over their mother, which may have made her dislike Melissa.
  • Joe isn't sure they can move forward.

It's almost like they didn't even have a conversation. And they certainly didn't come to a resolution. So it's up to us to take sides!

Whose side are you on? Next week we'll be hashing out the feud between Melissa and Teresa!

(Image courtesy of Bravo)