'Real Housewives of NJ': She's Not a Victim; She's a Nut Job
'Real Housewives of NJ': She's Not a Victim; She's a Nut Job
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
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This week on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and her new baby went home from the hospital. On the way there, her husband teased her by telling her that he wants to have several more babies.

Teresa asked Joe to get a vasectomy. He told her that she's "got the wrong guy." (Is it just my thinking, or would there be a lot fewer babies in the world if men had to give birth to them? I'm just saying...)

The Birthday Party

Teresa's daughter Gia turned nine and they threw her a huge party. Gia and all her friends were taken in a limo to a spa to get their hair and nails done. She also got an ATV as a gift. When she was test-driving it around their driveway, Teresa was hilarious because she kept yelling to Gia not to take it through water puddles because she would get messy.

Ashley's Not Ready

Jacqueline's daughter Ashley is dating Derek, who is four years older than her. It has everyone worried. Caroline's son Albie and his sister met Ashley and Derek for dinner. While they were there, Albie told Derek that Ashley is too young to be getting serious about their relationship.

Ashley says that everyone thinks she's living with Derek, but she's not. She says that she's on birth control and is being responsible.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline got together with Derek's mother so she could talk to her about the young couple. Derek's mother told Jacqueline that Ashley cleans her house for her and Jacqueline nearly fainted. The two moms really hit it off.

Getting Ready for the Fundraiser

Danielle got together with her friend Kim G to talk about helping the family of the sick baby. Kim agreed to accompany Danielle to the fundraiser. As it turns out, Kim G's son is best friends with Caroline's son Christopher. Caroline said she doesn't even want to make friends with Kim because she's friends with Danielle.

Dina's husband and Christopher talked about Danielle coming to the fundraiser. They agreed that she had every right to be there and they wouldn't cause any arguments. They planned to treat her like any other guest.

A Punk is a Punk is a Punk

Danielle, Kim G and Danny the ex-con showed up at the Brownstone in a Bentley. They were totally overdressed. A bunch of Danny's thug friends joined them, including the head of the Hell's Angels. Yikes!!

Kim greeted Christopher because he's her son's best friend. He told her that they would be surprised when they went inside. He was referring to the fact that they were overdressed and it was an event put on by a hunt club. The grand prize was a shotgun.

Danielle and Danny thought Christopher was making a threat instead. When they got inside and there was not enough room for a group of a dozen or so people, they made a big scene. Danielle and Danny felt that they weren't welcome, even though none of the "entourage" had paid to be there and no one knew they were all coming.

The group left in a huff. Danny muttered, "A punk is a punk is a punk. The Manzos are punks."

Dina said that Danielle acts like she's a victim in the situation, but she's not. She's just a nut job.

I have to agree with Dina. Danielle went to the event prepared for a battle. It was ridiculous to think that the Manzo family would toss them out of a public event or that anyone wanted to do her harm. She made the situation a mess all by herself.

Who do you think were the punks? What did you think of Danielle's attendance at the fundraiser? Do you think she was justified in taking people to protect her? Do you think she just made a fool of herself instead? Let us know what you think about this episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey!

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