'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Of Handbags and Ballrooms
'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Of Handbags and Ballrooms
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Although the main plot of this season of The Real Housewives of Miami has been the feud between Adriana and Lea, we haven't heard about how much they hate each other in the last few weeks. Yes, Adriana did get married without inviting Lea. And in turn Lea brought Lisa to Texas to meet her family. But the feud is re-opened once again and maybe now we'll even get a little Lea vs. Adriana face-to-face.

Handbags Handled

Joanna is being even brattier than usual while planning her wedding. She's more of the overly aggressive must-have-everyone-understand-how-hard-it-is-to-plan-a-wedding bridezilla while Adriana was the overly aggressive I-don't-give-a-s**t-about-anyone-else-it's-my-day bridezilla. She leaves threatening voice messages for Romain and Marta when they aren't cooperative enough to pick up the phone during the day. Basically, she's the worst. Or the second worst, depending on how ill you regard Adriana. It might be a toss-up for me.

Lea is branching her handbag and skincare businesses out internationally. She's having a party at a local fashion designer's store to celebrate the launch of her handbags.

Even though she is feeling completely overwhelmed by having to plan a whole wedding on her own, Joanna decides to show up to support her friend. And Lisa arrives with the intention of trying to convince Lea that she should sit down with Adriana and sort out their differences.

But when Lisa talks to Lea about Adriana, she is not really into having a personal conversation at a business function. She tells Lisa that she doesn't have an emotional wall up, but if she wants to fix things with Adriana, she'd prefer that Lisa does not get in the middle of it.

Things start to get heated when Joanna loses it on Lisa for some reason. She gets mad at Lisa for always getting in other peoples' business when it comes to Adriana. Joanna starts yelling and cursing and making a scene so Lisa is forced to raise her voice to defend herself. Lisa tells her she's acting crazy and delusional so Joanna makes the snap decision to throw Lisa out of her wedding.

Lisa makes the smart decision to disengage herself from the argument. But like Joanna chased Adriana down that hall before she got slapped, she couldn't just let Lisa leave so she followed her to the street. Lisa says that she is a classy lady who doesn't do this and she speeds off in her Ferrari.

Having a Ball

To her credit, Joanna seems to feel guilty almost immediately after coming home from the party. She tells Romain that she thinks that she's overwhelmed planning the wedding and she might have taken it all out on Lisa. Romain supports her and tells her that he's sure the two of them will be able to work it out at Lea's ballroom party.

Speaking of Lea's ballroom party, Lea just had her ballroom (yes, she has a ballroom in her house) renovated and it is literally the gaudiest thing I have ever seen. There's a gold-plaited alligator. And a cherub fountain. And a chandelier the size of my car. So of course she has to have a party to celebrate those very tacky things that are now in her home.

With Alexia's encouragement, Lea extended an invite to Adriana. Both of them seem willing to reconcile but they seem wary that there is any room for them to meet in the middle.

Lisa doesn't even want to look at Joanna in her Marilyn Monroe up-do at the party, let alone speak with her. But Joanna does convince her to sit down with her so she can apologize. After Lisa tells Joanna what a bitch she was last night, Joanna does say she's sorry for her misplaced anger. Lisa says she understands and accepts her apology and Joanna offers her her spot back in the wedding.

Later Lea and Adriana finally get to have their face-to-face. Lea starts off pessimistically saying that she thinks what she thinks and Adriana thinks what Adriana thinks so they just need to figure out how to move on from there.

Adriana does apologize to Lea for not coming to her defense when Ana attacked her at last season's reunion. And Lea admits to maybe saying some things about Adriana that she shouldn't have said out of anger. And look at that! The two hug and make up! Lea seems a bit reluctant, but at least there's peace for now.

Taking advantage of the positive vibes of everyone forgiving one another, Joanna decides to completely forget about the past and extend an invitation to Adriana to her wedding. Which we found out tonight is on a Thursday night (who gets married on a Thursday?!). At least Joanna will be sending out paper invites instead of e-vites.

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