The Tragic Flaws of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
The Tragic Flaws of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
In literature, the "tragic flaw" is a trait in a character that will ultimately lead to his or her downfall. But nobody reads books anymore, so we'll apply the concept of the tragic flaw to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. "Phaedra and Apollo" sounds like a Greek tragedy anyway. We'll start with Kim, because her tragic flaw is obvious.

Kim's Tragic Flaw: she is a legend in her own mind. 
RHA KimLegend.png
This episode was a perfect example of Kim thinking she was a way bigger deal than she is, and not understanding "Tardy for the Party" for its pure camp value. As she pushes the people who helped her rise to the top away, it will lead to her ultimate downfall: "Google Me." Just for fun, here's her full performance from the White Party:

NeNe's Tragic Flaw: an explosive temper that yields more drama than results. RHA NeNesaucy.png
NeNe was so furious with Dwight that she unleashed on him at the B Chic Shoe Boutique, never actually finding out if anything Gregg told her was true. This could ultimately destroy most of NeNe's friendships before she even comes across the truth.

Kandi's Tragic Flaw: her friendship with Kim. 
RHA Kandifriends.png
If Kandi continues to be a doormat for Kim, just letting Kim stand on her shoulders while Kandi auto-tunes the crap out of everything she does, she'll get in the way of her own success. Kandi has told us that she is no backup singer, but she has to start standing up to Kim.

Sheree's Tragic Flaw: her unquenchable thirst for fame. 
RHA Shereeschizo.png
First she's a clothing designer, now she's an actress, and I'm not even sure she has reached the level of "jack" in all trades yet. Sheree's scatterbrained pursuit of "the next big thing" will leave her where she started: frustrated.

Cynthia's Tragic Flaw: fear of commitment. 
RHA doubts.png
This one is also pretty obvious, but at least Cynthia is aware of it. Her mental hang-ups about settling down threaten to leave her alone and unsure. The true test to see if she can overcome this flaw will come when Peter eventually proposes with that custom-designed ring we've been hearing about.

Phaedra's Tragic Flaw: inexplicable boringness. 
RHA Phaedraboring.png
She is really working to hammer home this "southern woman" thing by wearing giant hats and insisting that she be allowed to "whoop" her children into shape; but even as a lawyer who married a criminal she is painfully dull. In the most recent episode they talked about child-rearing and met with a couple from their church. She also refuses to dwell on the most interesting thing about her: the fact that her husband was in prison for six years. If Phaedra doesn't start flipping tables, showing up to parties unexpectedly, yelling, or searching for a biological parent, her fate as a Real Housewife is uncertain at best.

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