'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: What Happens in South Africa
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: What Happens in South Africa
When Housewives travel, it is either really fun or relatively painful, but there's always lots of drama. The Atlanta Housewives are going to South Africa, and the episode began with them filming themselves on the long flight. It seems like everyone is excited, and optimistic about getting along.

The first stop on this three-episode journey is Cape Town, if they can ever get out of the airport. All that luggage! The tour guide suggests they put their luggage carts on the escalator, to which they all exclaim, "I can't do that! I can't do that!" and then clog up an elevator.

Marlo proves immediately to be the highest-maintenance one of the bunch to travel with. She pinned her hair on the plane, brought all her shoes and Birkin bags, then had a stranger bring her luggage cart up in the elevator after her.

In the shuttle on the way to the penthouse, Marlo won't stop talking. She quizzes the women about etiquette, which actually proved quite comical. Once settled into their oppulent accomodations, Sheree made a funny! The penthouse is separated into apartments of three and three.

Sheree said, "It's going to be so hard spitting us apart, I was thinking me, Phaedra and NeNe stay in here ... kidding!" and they all burst into a gale of laughter. Good one, Sheree! The trip is off to a pretty good start, except that Marlo is being really difficult and obnoxious to the concierge.

The next morning, Marlo is carrying on with her etiquette like she's been to jail fewer than six times. Phaedra got everyone engraved mirrors, except Marlo, who she didn't know was coming. Life is a journey, and Marlo was unexpectedly invited.

Sheree was invited to a party that night, and she did not extend the invitation to The Talls. Let the shade begin!

Meanwhile, Kim's parents came over to make her dinner in Kroy's absence. They approve of Kroy and hope to see a ring on that finger almost half as much as Kim does.

So, Phaedra set up a sunset yacht ride for the ladies' one day in Cape Town. Phaedra is dressed like she thought they were going riding, though. Kandi mentioned apartheid, but Marlo wanted to talk about the proper way to stand up when you're wearing a skirt.

The women head below deck and Marlo mentions that Kandi has been "nicer than [she] thought" she'd be. This opens up the conversation to who thinks what about whom and everyone's issues with one another. NeNe asks Phaedra what her issue with her is, this is like a reunion with Marlo in the place of Andy Cohen.

Everyone agrees to speak to each other and be nice on the trip. We'll see how long that lasts ...

Before they can even change outfits, The Smalls start making fun of Cynthia and Marlo for being "booty lickers" behind their backs. Cynthia came into the room, instantly dwarfing the rest of the women in it. Cynthia invites them to Nobu, knowing that they're going to Sheree's party. Sheree takes the opportunity to invite Cynthia, just Cynthia, to Sheree's party.

Cynthia runs back to the tall side of the penthouse to report to NeNe and Marlo. NeNe doesn't care, because she knows what's up, but Marlo is indignant. She marches next door to confront Sheree. The rest was just yelling.

Then Marlo proved that this was her first Bravo rodeo, using the f-word as she stormed out the door. Not the four letter f-word, either. There was a record scratch in the room, and it seemed like even NeNe knew it wasn't OK.

More yelling in the stairwell, something about a drug dealer named Onyx? "It's becoming gibberish at this point," Phaedra says. It did allow for a moment of self-reflection for NeNe, though. "Is this how I've looked in an argument?" NeNe wondered.

NeNe gets in between them, but the cats are fighting with claws. Don't forget about aggravated assault! The fight about who had more money, better money, or nicer things, eventually subdued with, believe it or not, NeNe's help. Then it went into mimicry INSANITY! I seriously thought I had lost my mind watching this argument. Did I? TO BE CONTINUED.

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