'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Departures From the Norm
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Departures From the Norm
My favorite part of any given Real Housewives episode, is always when they look at each other's closets and talk about labels and decorating. So of course I am thrilled that NeNe and Marlo are getting together to talk about Chanel bags, and be the tallest Mean Girls in Atlanta. Marlo has security cameras! And a million gorgeous pairs of shoes in a shoe and handbag closet! Over teeny, tiny tapas, they discuss South Africa. NeNe agrees to go if Marlo comes with her, for drama's sake.

Another thing I love about the Real Housewives, is when they do expensive beauty treatments, like Kim's fat-loss mineral wrap! The juxtaposition of Kandi working out with her personal trainer against Kim waddling around in her mummy wrap was the best. An editing coup. And I could watch Kim push her little dog around in a dog stroller while wearing that wrap ALL DAY!

Cynthia packed, and was happy to spend some time away from Peter. Phaedra brought up to Apollo that Marlo has more mugshots than him. Phaedra is cautious of Marlo, and hopes NeNe can get over herself, but if not it would be OK if she got kidnapped in the brush. It's turning into the perfect storm ...

NeNe and Marlo went shopping. Yay! Will NeNe and Kim ever be cool again? Never say never. Is Marlo skeptical about everyone? Yes. They spent over $10,000.

Kim and Kroy went out on a date before Kroy had to go back to playing football. They had the nastiest looking margaritas ever. They got emotional, and agreed not to naughty-Skype. Kroy is cute, even when he is spying on Kim.

Kim is preparing a surprise for Kroy, and it involves having her parents and Sweetie light a million candles, draw a bath, and sprinkle rose petals. Sweetie is wearing a long skirt, which will undoubtedly catch on fire and dirty the petals. So Kroy's "surprise" is a pathway of candles, and a hasty bath prepared by Kim's parents, who are still there IN THE BATHROOM. Amazing.

Finally, the Housewives arrive at the airport, simultaneously dreading and looking forward to the trip. Everyone looks amazing for that 20 hour flight, which is preposterous. Sheree plans to ignore NeNe, which is the most mature strategy. NeNe showed up last, for the most dramatic effect.

NeNe steps out of the limo, and just as the Housewives prepare to fly first class, Marlo emerges from the same limo like it wasn't even a big deal or a surprise. Awkward! Next stop: South Africa.

(images courtesy of Bravo)