'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Are Just Like Us
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Are Just Like Us
Sometimes I watch an episode of The Real Housewives and I don't relate to any of it (I have a feeling that will happen a lot with the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). But the Real Housewives of Atlanta know how to keep it real and fabulous. They are the Real Housewives after all! Here are some of the ways they're real people just like us.

Kim hates running just like us!

RHA haterunning.png
In Kim's delicate words: "f*** that, running!" So maybe people don't recognize us on the streets and maybe we don't wear silver running ensembles and maybe we don't finish the run early with a beer, but we're all joined together by our universal loathing of exercise.

Kandi has dreams just like us!

RHA dreams.png
We all have things we want to do and a lot of us are motivated to keep trying, even if it doesn't work out the first time. So maybe we don't collaborate with Ne-Yo, or go to the recording studio, or have backup singers, but everyone deserves to pursue their dreams.

Sheree goes on dates just like us!

RHA dates.png
Sheree had a blind date in this episode and she was nervous about it just like anyone else would be. We don't all have someone to come over beforehand to do our hair, and we don't all get offended when our dates didn't do their research and take us dancing, and we don't all get cars sent for us, but I have some sympathy for Sheree here because it seemed like things got a little TOO real for her on this date. 

NeNe and Cynthia go to festivals and talk about their lives just like us!

RHA festival.png
NeNe and Cynthia went to the Dogwood Festival with art made by real people, and I assume anyone could go to this festival. And they talked about their lives just like real friends do. Our lives might not be as glamorous and most of us have an exact count of how many times we've been engaged but Cynthia has doubts about things like us and has no qualms about taking her heels off and washing them in the sink.

NeNe has to show her son tough love just like us.

RHA parenting.png
Okay, all joking aside, NeNe had a very real situation and handled it like a real person (possibly with more guts than a lot of us would have).  NeNe was very relatable when she had a sit-down with Brice and gave him an ultimatum. Good job, NeNe!

Finally, if you are not convinced that The Real Housewives of Atlanta are just like us, look at this awesome picture of Kim:

RHA googleher.png
How do YOU relate to the Real Housewives? 

(images courtesy of Bravo)