Disappointment in Abundance on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Disappointment in Abundance on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Although last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta itself was not a disappointment, it was full of disappointment. Who's to blame? Let's review some things that didn't go over as planned.

Sheree buys a new Aston Martin for herself
Who's Disappointed: Her kids. Maybe jealous is a better word. You know who's not disappointed, though? Sheree. She's doing stuff for herself and living out loud! We'll worry about finances later. Bonus disappointee: the guy who had to open Sheree's door for her at the Atlanta's Dancing Stars event.

Kim re-decorates her office and her daughter Ariana's bedroom
Who's disappointed: Kim's other daughter Brielle. Brielle, who has the entire third floor of the house, complains that her room looks like it's for a five-year old and she's over it. Another $60,000 or more down the hole!

Peter proposes to Cynthia in front of all their friends.
RHA proposal.png
Who's disappointed: Cynthia and all their friends. Cynthia wanted a more intimate proposal, and her friends wanted a bigger reaction. To boot, I was a little disappointed in Peter's proposal. It seemed more like a legal proposition than anything.
RHA proposalfaces.png

Phaedra doesn't know how to prepare for having a baby.
RHA pregnancywhaa.png
Who's disappointed: the world. You don't get to have a luxurious, silken birth, Phaedra. All I know about having a baby is the episode of Full House where Rebecca gives birth to the twins on Wake Up, San Francisco and even I know you won't be wearing cute little dresses. And what was up with that 50-cent piece belly band remedy? Can someone explain that to me? Who's not disappointed: the founders of Penis Ointment, Inc. You can't buy product placement this good.

Sheree's dance practice isn't going well.
RHA dancepractice.png
Who's disappointed: Dancing Stars of Atlanta judge Michael. This is Dancing Stars of Atlanta! He has a reputation to uphold! He even brought in rhumba expert Virginia, to work on Sheree's top line, but Sheree just got annoyed. 

The other Housewives pitch in $20 each for Sheree.
Who's disappointed: Sheree. She expected at least a couple hundred dollars from each of them, but she never asked any of them for a donation. Sheree does not beg! 

Sheree dances a lackluster rhumba.
RHA danceresults.png
Who's disappointed: anyone who donated under Sheree's name. Basically everyone's faces looked like this:
RHA NeNeGregg.png
But the winners of the episode were Lawrence and Kroy Biermann's ass, who didn't disappoint anyone.

(images courtesy of Bravo)