'The Pickup Artist' Winner Speaks of his Relationship with Castmates
After spending eight weeks living under one roof with seven guys, Kosmo, the winner of MTV's The Pickup Artist, was bound to make friends and foes alike.  Although the 23-year-old artist claims all eight of them are good pals, there were some who at times got on his bad side during the competition.

Scott bothered me sometimes with some of his remarks.  So I just ignored him.  I'll honestly never be able to relate to Scott, I honestly think Scott is a robot.  Like if we sprayed water on him, he would break down,” Kosmo told VH1 in an interview following his win.  However, Kosmo also commended Scott for his tremendous efforts and said that out of all the men who competed in the show, Fred was the least deserving.

“I think Fred shouldn't have been there.  He mocked the thing the whole time.  Either that or he just didn't get it.  But I think he was a waste of space,” Kosmo said.  “Scott tried the hardest.  That poor kid would go talk to trees; he would practice 24/7.  That kid tried.”

On the other hand, Kosmo claims to have developed a tight bond with Joe D., and has maintained a strong friendship with his Pickup Artist castmate to this day.

“Joe D. was my number one guy…  This guy's amazing. I'm helping him out, We're going to the gym.  He's my best friend,” Kosmo told VH1.  “I'd never think that I'd be able to make friends with like, nerds.  People that weren't in my social group.  But, I never thought I'd be friends with people not like me.”

The Pickup Artist, which premiered on MTV in August, featured seduction artist Mystery and his two wingmen, Matador and J Dog, as he trained and guided clueless-about-dating men about the ins and outs of his technique.  During his stint on the show, Kosmo won a number of challenges, one of which involved kissing a girl of their choice, but also often broke out in tears.

“I grew up in a Latina household where it's not cool to cry.  Men cannot wear pink, men cannot show emotions.  You have to be a man. And me, I've always been like - if I'm pissed off, I'm gonna tell it to your face,” Kosmo explained when asked if it is characteristic of him to be so emotional.  “If I need to cry I'm gonna cry!  Whatever I feel I have to vent out.  And my whole life I was holding everything in.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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