'The Originals' Spoilers: The Mikaelsons Head to the Big Easy
'The Originals' Spoilers: The Mikaelsons Head to the Big Easy
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Mikaelson family is leaving Mystic Falls and heading to New Orleans in the new series, The Originals, this fall. Executive Producer Julie Plec and the cast sat on a panel at the CW Television Critics Association Press Day (TCAs) to discuss the upcoming season.

Who's Here: 

Joseph Morgan (Klaus)
Claire Holt (Rebekah)
Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley)
Charles Michael Davis (Marcel)
Julie Plec (Executive Producer)

Highlights from the panel:

  • Plec sees The Originals as a more grown-up show than The Vampire Diaries. And, the new premiere will be welcoming to new viewers and existing fans of this world

  • "It's like the Lost Boys. Party all night and sleep all day."  "More vampire parties. Crazy indulgence."  - Joseph Morgan

  • The series premiere will be a retelling of the backdoor pilot that aired on The Vampire Diaries. It tells the story from Elijah's point of view and Daniel Gillies is in every scene.

  • The show is filmed primarily in Atlanta. Big scenes like Jackson Square will be filmed in New Orleans.

  • Rebekah and Matt traveled to Europe. She realized that her family bond is stronger than that with Matt. Claire hopes to travel back and forth and have a "dalliance" in Mystic Falls.

  • Klaus could dagger Rebekah again. Wouldn't count that out.

  • Charles joked, "I did a lot of Karaoke and tried to bite people in the neck," to prepare for the role. In actuality, he read about power. Jay Z's book about the American dream from rags to riches. Selling drugs on the street to marrying Beyonce.

  • Used to Klaus coming in like a bull in a china shop. Marcel has control over all the magic and army of day walkers and those wanting to earn their day rings.

  • Marcel is the "most popular guy in New Orleans." - Davis

  • Production was shifted to a Wednesday to Sunday production schedule to accommodate Daniel Gillies' commitment to Saving Hope.  He's in every scene in the premiere.

  • On a crossover with The Vampire Diaries: Plec said she wants to establish the show on its own initially. There's history and relationships that have been left alone. There are "a lot of fan favorite relationships" that could be explored.

  • Hayley's pregancy will be a "slow burn" She won't show for a while. The first season the pregnancy will remain front and center for a good portion of the season.

  • Rebekah always gets herself into trouble. She creates a riot. In the second episode, she arrives in New Orleans in a red sports car and mini-skirt.

  • Rebekah and Marcel have a history together. In the second episode, they will reconnect. Romance? Perhaps!

  • "There will be a lot of spoons and buckets on the set." - Davis about the authentic New Orleans music and sound.

  • Elijah is the noble brother and honorable one. He tries to bring the family together and find redemption for Klaus. He sees the baby as a key to Klaus' redemption. There will be conflict between the brothers.

  • "[Elijah] is the glue that binds us. He's going to be the one who makes this successful or not." -- Claire Holt

  • Davis and Morgan have known each other for years. They played poker together. While filming the first episode, Charles and Joseph were told to stop ad-libbing at the end of scenes. They both wanted the last word.

  • Phoebe and Claire both worked on the Mermaid show together after high school. They both learned what a "mark" was at the same time for filming. Been friends for a long time.

  • Rebekah feels protective of Hayley. She always wanted a sister. Rebekah's first line to Hayley is "Get my bags."

  • "These two have an incredibly deep history and there's a very powerful family bond. We'll see how it was born in the 1800s." -- Plec on Klaus and Marcel's relationship.

  • "It's not just I want to be King, so I want to kill him. There's a struggle with myself over friendship, feeling betrayed, the jealousy, and wanting what he has, but also admiring what he's done with it since I've left. I'm wanting that acceptance and that affirmation." - Morgan

  • Marcel's origin story starts in 1815 as a young kid.  He's younger than the vampires on The Vampire Diaries. 
The Originals premieres on Thursday, October 3 at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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