'The Originals' Recap: Being Diabolical Has Its Perks
'The Originals' Recap: Being Diabolical Has Its Perks
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Rebekah and Klaus set an intricate plan in motion to try and get Elijah back. Klaus continues to try and earn Marcel's trust, and a secret love affair gives him the perfect opportunity to breach his inner circle. And Klaus' hunger for power reignites her hatred of him.

Always Have a Plan B

Due to the recent rash of nightwalker deaths -- all attributable to Rebekah I believe -- and a possible sighting of a werewolf in the quarter, Marcel is starting to wonder if his furry nemeses have started to migrate back into the city. Thierry (Callard Harris) is suspicious of the timing of recent events coinciding with the return of members of the Original family.

Before Thierry can vocalize his concerns, Klaus conveniently shows up, grinding the conversation to a halt. If Klaus wants to usurp Marcel, he's going to have to either kill Thierry, compel him or lure him to the dark side. The fact that Klaus bit Thierry during one of his tantrums has made an amicable relationship between the two impossible. Thierry is agitated that Klaus has the run of his former home, but Marcel says the two have to find a way to peaceably co-exist.

Klaus tells Marcel that Rebekah is demanding that he return Elijah. Thierry makes it clear he doesn't want three Originals walking around town especially since half of Marcel's crew believe Rebekah killed the nightwalkers. Klaus gets properly indignant and rushes to the defense of his very guilty sister. Marcel suggests he and Klaus take a walk.

Marcel tells Klaus he would love to help him out, but his guys are on edge. They see the Original family moving in and vampires dying and it makes them nervous. Marcel says if he were to hand over Elijah, it might give the wrong impression about who's really in charge.

Once Klaus informs his sister their request has been, as expected, denied, they move on to Plan B. Klaus is dealing with two pressing tasks at the same time: training his new spy and draining the vervaine from one of the surviving vamps who tried to attack Hayley in the park. Talk about possessing impressive time management skills. Soon, he'll have two minions, three including Marcel's love interest, Cami.

A Supernatural Romeo and Juliet

Rebekah has called on Sophie and tells her Hayley was almost killed because someone told Marcel there was a werewolf in the quarter. Since Hayley stopped at the witchy/magic/herb shop, the list of suspects is quickly narrowed down to one: Katie (Alexandra Metz). Rebekah questions her with all of the delicacy of a rancher castrating a bull. Katie admits she told Thierry, who she happens to be in love with. So it appears there is another way to get Thierry bumped from the inner circle. Marcel's not likely to take kindly to one of his nearest and dearest fraternizing with a witch.

Rebekah and Klaus tell Sophie they need her to perform a locator spell so they can find Elijah. She, of course, denies using that old excuse that witches who perform magic get killed. Klaus and Rebekah question why the witches failed to mention Marcel's secret weapon, Davina. This bit of news rattles Sophie, who asks where they've seen her. Rebekah says Davina erased her memory, so her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Klaus tells Sophie he assumes her coven would like to get Davina away from Marcel, thus making the locator spell beneficial to her as well. As far as the gifted ingenue and her keen ability to sense anyone doing anything remotely witch-like, the siblings have that covered. They think if another witch, namely Katie, performs a more powerful spell at the same time as Sophie's, she'll act as a smoke screen.

Sophie's not a big fan of Katie dying, but Klaus tells her she can't be so principled when it comes to war. There are always going to be casualties. All Klaus has to do is point out how Katie's boyfriend works at the docks where Sophie's sister was captured after linking Sophie and Hayley. And we all know what happened to her.

Master Manipulator

What Klaus wasn't counting on was the fact that Thierry's supposedly forbidden romance is anything but. Marcel is aware of his love affair with Katie. He believes it's a passing fling and values the intel the match provides. Klaus warns Marcel that he doesn't want the witches to get too bold. He points out that the tip about a werewolf from Katie led to the disappearance of four of his nightwalkers. He says he's sure Marcel has considered the possibility that it could have been a trap. Oh, that Klaus is so sly. He not only plants a seed of doubt in Marcel's head but also takes the spotlight off his sister as a suspect.

The pieces of Rebekah and Klaus' plan to get back their brother keep falling into place. All shall be revealed at a swanky party Marcel is throwing. Rebekah does some convincing female bonding with Cami and invites the girl to the event to make Marcel less vigilant. Klaus is creating the proper motivation to get Katie to perform some mojo. He tells her that Marcel has ordered a rousting of the witches, and he's arranged for things to go terribly wrong. Something he's exceptionally good at. After one of Klaus' vamps, acting under mind control, bites Katie, Thierry kills him, an unforgivable crime in Marcel's eyes. If Katie hopes to protect her boyfriend from his grim fate, it will require something "positively magical."

It's Not a Party Until Somebody Dies

No better backdrop for all this scheming than a masquerade party. The big question is, will Rebekah and Klaus' plan work?

The sparks are flying between Marcel and Cami when he's informed about Thierry's crime of passion. Sophie is preying on the emotions of a distraught and vulnerable Katie. She tells Katie there's a way to save the witches and Thierry, and there's only one way to do both. Sure enough, Davina's radar picks up the signal.

Thierry's fate looks to be sealed when one of Marcel's men -- pretty impressive results with only two lackeys -- brings Marcel an envelope supposedly retrieved from Katie's home. It contains Marcel's secret recipe for making daylight rings. Marcel's paranoia gets the better of him, and he sentences his friend of 70 years to 100 years in "the garden." As the undead man starts to journey to his punishment, Katie arrives breaking street lights and bringing vampires to their knees. Davina and Marcel appear to be linked in some capacity, but she's unable to save him. Just as Katie is ready to ram a spike into Marcel's chest, Klaus snaps her neck.

Sophie's locator spell fails to reach completion. She is suddenly okay with flagrantly breaking the rules in order to locate Davina, but Rebekah refuses to let her put her life at risk since she's tied to Hayley and the baby, and they would suffer her fate. She says Elijah would never forgive her or Klaus, and rescuing him would be for nothing.

It turns out the garden is a version of the tomb from season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. It is simply a place where vampires are left to starve to death. While Marcel shows Thierry no mercy, he awards Klaus for saving his life by offering to return Elijah.

Rebekah, who was absent for all the good stuff, is depressed by what she thinks is a failed plan. Klaus arrives home, and after a fight about Klaus' despicable methods, she finds out she'll be reunited with her brother after all. That doesn't take the edge off the disgust she feels for Klaus. Better watch your tongue, Beks, that's how a girl gets daggered.

Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

While Marcel is ready and willing to give up Elijah, it turns out Davina wears the pants in the relationship. She says she will not return him until she's figured out how to kill an Original.

It looks like Klaus has a thing for blondes because there's more to his attraction to her than using her in his manipulation of Marcel. These two boys already have trouble playing nice. What happens when you throw a comely blonde into the mix?

There's definitely something nefarious going on with the hybrid baby. Is it possible Hayley's going to give birth to a litter?

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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