The Office: 3.17 "Business School" Spoilers 2/9
The Office: 3.17 "Business School" Spoilers 2/9
After yesterday's episode of The Office left Pam debating her aborted wedding, could a romantic twist be hiding somewhere in the last two sweeps episodes of The Office?  Fans will be happy to know things don't get too serious around The Office as NBC ramps up the laughs in an attempt to close strong on the much loved sitcom.   Keep on reading for top-secret details on what to expect from The Office as February sweeps come to a close.

First up is February 15ths 'Business School'.  The premise alone will tell you this is going to be a classic for The Office. Michael is invited to speak at Ryan's business school.  Yes, Michael will be lecturing on his own unique perception of professionalism.  This has the makings of a pretty legendary scene for The Office.

Back at the office Dwight declares war on a bat that has become trapped in the office.  This is so up Dwight's alley.  It summons the great Bill Murray/Gopher showdown from Caddyshack.  I'm guessing The Office will never be the same after the dust settles.

Pam invites The Office to her upcoming art exhibit.  Again, knowing the deadpan frankness that mixes with all the sycophants,  its easy to see that this can only go one way... the funniest possible way.

On February 22nds episode of The Office titled 'Cocktails' Michael and Jan are finally going to go public with their romance, at a Dunder Mifflin Cocktail party being held at one of the big-wigs estates no less.  I never figured Jan to be dumb enough to admit to seeing a dunderhead like Michael, so the circumstances for the reveal surely cannot be what we would consider 'normal.

In the awkward meetings department Jim will meet up with Karen's ex at the same party.  Okay, that can go a couple of ways but I'm betting on not good.  Apparently the rest of The Office crew winds up taking off a little early to catch an alcohol saturated happy hour.  What loosened lips will say what?

Again you can see that The Office really gives you your money's worth for a half hour comedy.  I could see lesser adept shows handling these plots in an hour, but to get this much comedy in such a compressed slot is just way too cool.

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