Spoiler Alert: 'The Office' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'The Office' Spoilers
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The Office kicked off its eighth season with massive revelations: Andy Bernard is now the new office manager and the successor to Michael Scott's throne, Robert California has replaced Jo Bennett as the CEO of Dunder Mifflin-Sabre, Pam is expecting another baby (a boy this time) and Angela is also pregnant with her Senator husband's child. But there's more to look forward to in The Office season 8, including guest stars, parties and more themed-episodes!

Warning: The Office Spoilers ahead!

A Schrute Farms Garden Party

As you probably know by now, Josh Groban, Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace have been cast to appear this season on The Office. Collins and Wallance will play Andy's parents while Groban will play Andy's brother. In the October 13 episode entitled "Garden Party," Andy tries to stay in Robert California's good graces by throwing a garden party in none other than Schrute Farms. Andy's family attends the much-awaited event, which includes fireworks and  of course music. But not everything goes as planned especially when party host Dwight struggles to add some class and sophistication to the occasion, no thanks to Jim's pranks. 

On the other hand, it looks like Dwight and Jim are the least of Andy's concerns. Ed Helms reveals that "there is some rivalry" between Andy and his brother "but it takes a compelling turn that is unexpected." Could Andy be the black sheep of the family? 

More Themed-Episodes

The Office is known for its grand themed-episodes and season 8 is no exception. There will be a Halloween episode that features Robert California telling ghost stories that dwell on his employees' biggest fears. There will also be a Christmas themed-installment in which Andy acts as Santa. Which episode are you looking forward to?

More Cast Departures

Meanwhile, Paul Lieberstein tells The Hollywood Reporter that more cast members are expected to leave The Office after Steve Carell's exit, adding that "It will morph into a new office, maybe the way ER changed. But I think a lot of that was driven by actors having their fill. If people want to stay around here, we are happy to have them." 

While there are no Office spoilers that hint on a particular character's departure story,  the question still remains: Who else is leaving The Office? Could it be Mindy Kaling? The actress, who plays Kelly Kapoor, has recently been promoted to executive producer which could spell less airtime and more work behind the cameras. Based on her NBC contract, she's also slated to write and star in a new show for the network. 

What do you think of these Office spoilers? And more importantly, who do you think will leave The Office next?

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