BuddyTV High Five: 'The Office' Episode 7.22, 'Goodbye Michael Scott'
BuddyTV High Five: 'The Office' Episode 7.22, 'Goodbye Michael Scott'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of The Office, "Goodbye Michael Scott."

High Five Highlights:

1. On Michael's second-to-last day at the office, he begins saying his goodbyes to everyone and gives them all parting gifts. He repairs his and Dwight's relationship by asking for advice about the bears in Colorado and giving him a letter of recommendation as his parting gift. They meet for a paintball match behind the building.

2. Gabe is losing it after Erin publicly dumped him at the Dundie Awards. He corners Andy in the bathroom and tells him to stay away from Erin. Jim witnesses the incident but is more concerned that the cameras were filming in the bathroom. Later, Gabe and Erin argue in the ladies' room when Erin learns of Gabe's recent behavior.

3. Michael gets cold feet when he starts to realize how different life will be in Colorado. He calls Holly to tell her he can't do it, but ends up being reassured when he hears her voice.

4. Jim realizes Michael is planning on leaving today, not tomorrow. They share a special moment as Jim tells Michael, "What a great boss you turned out to be."

5. Michael has to leave without saying goodbye to Pam; she was out all day shopping for a new shredder. Pam catches Michael just before he gets to airport security. They say their goodbyes and share a big hug before Michael heads off to Colorado.


- How will The Office function without Michael Scott?

- Who will take over as boss? How long will Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) last as Dunder-Mifflin/Sabre's regional manager?

The Last Word:

Michael tells Andy he is the best salesman in the office, he just does not realize it. As his going away present, Michael gives Andy the files of his ten most important clients. Andy fears he will lose the clients and asks Deangelo to go with him to a meeting with one of them. Deangelo exhibits some erratic behavior that shocks and annoys Andy. The rest of the gang sees Deangelo's weird behavior at Michael's going away party while he fights to control his diet issues.

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