'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' High Five: 'Green Star'
'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' High Five: 'Green Star'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, "Green Star."

Chloe King (it's catchy and must be said together) meets the leader of the Mai, Valentina -- who's apparently one tough warrior. She warns Chloe of the eminent danger on her life and wants to move Chloe to a safe location. But there are some trust issues with Momma King. Momma King sets some ground rules about Chloe's romance and life; she wants a trusting and open relationship. Not easy for a girl who is the chosen one of a secret endangered race of cat- humans. The Mai retaliates against that scary scarred assassin, leaving Chloe alone with Jasmine. The assassin draws Chloe out by threatening her friends. Chloe almost drowns, but Jasmine helps. Valentina kills the assassin. Chloe cherishes spending time with her mother. Oh, Brian investigates his mother's murder, quietly.

High Five Highlights:

5. Awkward Elevator Ride: I love an uncomfortable elevator ride as much as the next girl (Veronica Mars anyone?). Chloe's informed of the Mai leader Valentina's toughness and greatness; Alek gloats. So, this one was especially uncomfortable for Chloe. But the elevator ride sure was entertaining for us.

4. Alek vs. Brian: Alek is supposed to be this show's sexy bad boy. He walks around with this careless/badass vibe, but he secretly cares about people more than he lets on. Alek is not a really original bad boy (bad boy is pretty questionable), but he's fun. Also, he is an alternative to Brian and makes the triangle more dynamic. Brian really wants to date Chloe, but isn't liking this back and forth stuff. When it comes down to points, Alek did stay the whole night protecting her mom, when Brian left and came back. Alek 1, Brian 0. For now.

3. Fashion Sense: What possesses the costume designer to dress characters a certain way? Everyone wears either weird hippy clothes or call it vintage. Is it because they are on the West Coast and I am on the East? Some of the fashion choices are atrocious; though I sort of like Chloe's style. However, deciding which fashion choice is the worst is entertaining enough to be a highlight.

2. Chloe's Choice: Chloe is one day going to have to choose between her normal life and her destiny; also between broody-ish Brian and alluring Alek. It's these upcoming choices that make me look forward to the show each week.

1. Chloe Almost Drowns: "They say drowning is actually the most painful way to die." One of the things that work positively and negatively for this show is the 'nine lives.' Life threatening situations don't mean as much if Chloe can just come back to life again and again. Yet, Valentina warns that each death will be more painful than the last. It takes away/and gives some peril to the main character -- Chloe really could have drowned and lost one of her lives. So the tension and life threatening situations are actually more intriguing than other superhero shows.


- Why does Alek have an accent? Did he move to San Francisco?

- Who's your favorite man for Chloe's heart? Brian or Alek?

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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