'Moment of Truth' Host: Tired of Being Accused as a Home Wrecker
'Moment of Truth' Host: Tired of Being Accused as a Home Wrecker
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Ever since The Moment of Truth premiered on January 23, the show has become one of the most talked about programs in world of reality TV, attracting spectators with its unusual premise that puts participants to the lie detector test to reveal whether or not they are telling the truth for a chance to win half a million dollars.  Now, host Mark Walberg is fed up with all the labels and bad reputation the show is getting for destroying the lives of contestants who are willing to publicly divulge secrets for a shot at cash.

"Quite honestly, the wrecking-your-family, evildoing rap the show gets, I think it's crap," Walberg said in a conference call promoting The Moment of Truth's May 27 return.  "No family gets wrecked unless they're wrecking it anyway.  And of all the people that have been on the show, only one couple that I know of that was married has decided to separate.  And they were already on the rocks well before they got to us, by their own admission."

The most shocking episode of Moment of Truth so far saw a young wife who admitted to committing adultery and revealed that she believed she is meant to be with an ex-boyfriend instead of her husband.  While this show has torn marriages apart, it has also helped heal old wounds just like in the premiere episode where an estranged father was reunited with his son after he truthfully disproved he lost the college money and not gambled away his son's college fund.

Despite the controversy, people are willing to participate and, most importantly, tune in to The Moment of Truth, which has managed to achieve massive ratings with 23 million viewers.

Meanwhile, viewers can look forward to a more diverse set of questions that goes beyond the areas of sex and infidelity in the coming episodes of The Moment of Truth, according to New York Daily News.

"Those questions will always show up because that's what we talk about in society," Walberg said. "But what makes the show interesting is that with every new contestant is an entirely new life and a new story.  And though some of the questions may be the same, the reactions are unique to that person and their family."

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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