The Mole 5: Episode 4 Recap
The Mole 5: Episode 4 Recap
Last week on The Mole, host Jon Kelley thought it would be funny to steal everyone's clothes while they enjoyed a spa day.  He then challenged the contestants to roam the streets in their underwear, telling them to beg strangers for fancy duds so they could eat dinner at a black tie restaurant.  All of the challengers succeeded aside from Clay and Mark, who were too dignified to participate in the competition.  During the execution ceremony, Ali accepted Jon's offer to leave the show in exchange for $30,000, and weakling Bobby was eliminated for not knowing enough about the mole.

Tonight, the eight remaining players travel to the Andes Mountains for a torturous uphill climb.

I kind of think Craig might be the mole, if only because he seems like a bad actor in his interview segments.  He didn't expect either Ali or Bobby to go home, so now he's at a loss.  The other players are also rather shocked after the latest executions.

The contestants head to the Andes Mountains in Argentina to meet Jon for their next challenge.  He has them divide into two teams of four depending on whether they're selfish or selfless, and then unveils 200 gold bricks. The teams have 50 minutes to carry as many bricks as they can to the top of a mountain.  He'll not only add $250 to the pot for each slab of gold that makes it, but the team that finishes first will receive immunity.

Realizing that finishing first is more important than adding to the pot, the selfish foursome heads up the mountain with a minimal number of bricks.  Meanwhile, the selfless team takes as many as they can.  Partway up the mountain, Jon stops the selfish team and tells them they also have to carry a heavy scale to measure the gold.  There's nothing like an extra ten pounds while trudging up a giant mountain.

Though both teams struggle up the mountain, the selfless team has to drag Craig along and therefore has more trouble.  The big guy simply isn't prepared for such an arduous task.  The selfish foursome consisting of Nicole, Clay, Kristin and Victoria makes it to the top first with 23 bricks, while the selfless gang arrives later with 34.  Jon tells the selfish team that there's only one exemption available, and they have to decide who among them deserves it.  If they can't decide, no money will be added to the pot.  Clay strong-arms the other players into giving him the exemption, and a total of $14,250 is added, bringing the grand total to $143,250.

Craig made it to the top of the mountain, but the man soon comes down with hypothermia due to the high altitude and cold weather.  As an ambulance arrives and places him on oxygen, I seriously start to doubt he's the mole.  Unless, of course, this is all a stunning deception.

Thankfully, Craig is treated for his health issues and makes it back to the cabins alive.  The next day at dinner, Jon asks everyone to hand over their super secret mole information journals.  He takes the books out of the room and uses the opportunity to copy down some of the players' personal information.  After bumping the pot up to $144,000, he starts a rousing game of "Guess Who Wrote That?"  This is a wonderful way to start conflict amongst the contestants.

Thanks to Jon's evil little game, Victoria discovers that Mark thinks she drinks a lot.  Clay finds out that Kristin digs his cool vibe, and Mark learns that Paul doesn't know the difference between "too" and "to."  With $2,000 added to the pot for every correct guess, the players earn an additional $8,000.

While Craig recovers at the cabin, Jon takes everyone out to a beach in the middle of nowhere.  He asks someone to volunteer to sacrifice their journal, and Alex decides he's up to the task.  Being the tricky man that he is, Jon holds on to Alex's journal and lights the other six on fire.  Mark, who has been obsessively writing down details since the beginning of the game, gets visibly angry and runs off without explanation.

The next night, Craig rejoins the group while Mark continues to sulk like a five-year-old.  Craig also gets to keep his journal, so that little stint in the hospital worked to his advantage.

When everyone gathers for the execution ceremony, Jon reveals that two players have tied on their quiz scores.  The player with the slowest time will be the one sent home, though the time difference was a mere five seconds.  After slowly telling numerous contestants they're safe, Jon reveals that Victoria is being sent home tonight.  I guess we'll never know who she tied with.

Next week on The Mole, Nicole gets ridiculously angry when she's asked to put on a llama suit.  Nicole getting angry?  Shocking!

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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