'The Middle' Season 3 Preview Guide: A Vacation, a (Brief) Departure and Ray Romano
'The Middle' Season 3 Preview Guide: A Vacation, a (Brief) Departure and Ray Romano
Last season on The Middle, the Hecks barely survived another school year. Frankie and Mike had to settle their children's problems, from Brick's admittance to the fourth grade, Axl's community service and the potential sabotage of Sue's perfect attendance award. The family also celebrated Mother's Day again, in addition to going to New York and the prom.

What to Expect on The Middle Season 3:

One of the big announcements for The Middle season 3, according to TV Guide, is Ray Romano's guest stint. He'll be reuniting with his Everybody Loves Raymond co-star Patricia Heaton, and will play a character called Nicky Kohlbrenner in the premiere episode. He's a man from Frankie's past, known for ruining her honeymoon with Mike.

But that's not the only surprise lined up for the season opener. TVLine talked to the series co-creator, Eileen Heisler, and found out that the Hecks are going on one last vacation before another school year begins. What's more, the episode might just last an hour long.

She also revealed that Frankie finds herself packing up and leaving. What could've caused such a big decision? "We have a little incident that forces Frankie to reexamine things and take off for her mom's (played by Marsha Mason) for a few days," Heisler said.

As The Middle season 3 airs, we'll also find out what the kids have been up to. According to EW.com, Brick has found a new friend in the librarian while Sue has been embracing the life of a teenage girl. Axl, who is now a lifeguard, seems to be enjoying that position of power, not to mention the perks that come with it. 

Looks like Frankie and Mike will have a lot to deal with on The Middle season 3. It's a whole new year of family trouble, but we're sure they'll find a way to handle everything with comedic flair. Don't miss the premiere on Wednesday, September 21 at 8pm on ABC.

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