'The Mentalist' Review: Perfectly Legal Revenge
'The Mentalist' Review: Perfectly Legal Revenge
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In this episode of The Mentalist, Rigsby's father is found at a crime scene, father and son start to reconcile the past, and the team tracks down a murderer. 

Starting at the end

I was expecting a story about Rigsby's father, so I'll admit to feeling a wee bit confused when the episode started out with Rigsby getting taken away by a couple of cops, nearly in handcuffs. I was immediately wondering what happened and why Rigsby was obviously being charged with (or accused of) a crime. Starting us at the end of the story, before giving us the beginning, was a great way to open the door to what was going to happen. 


As the episode played out, we found out that the team was put on the case of two gangs who had been living peacefully for years after a previous war left a bunch of people dead on both sides. Jane gets the gang leaders to realize that the man who claimed to be Mr. Neutral was actually the one who had been riling them all up. It was all very subtle, so much that I wasn't sure it was the gym owner until the very end. 


Rigsby and his father never saw eye to eye, but for a few minutes in a dark and dusty bar they found some common ground. I don't think Rigsby will every truly understand everything that his father did, but at that moment he did see how his father was just a man trying to do the same thing he was: raise a son the best way he knew how. In the end, when Rigsby was holding Ben and crying over his dad, I really felt for him. Because of course his father had to be taken from him when they had just started to reconcile. 

Perfectly legal revenge

After his father died, Rigsby only has sights on getting revenge, but everyone on the team kept him off the case. That is, until Jane hatched his plan and they had the killer in their sights. Then miraculously Rigsby was there to get what he wanted, without technically breaking any laws. The question of course now is: did the team set it up that? Considering how devious Jane is, I'd say that it's a definite possibility. Maybe they all knew that if Rigsby didn't do it, he'd regret it, but it sure looked to me like he's regretting it anyway. Perhaps it's like Jane said: it's better for Rigsby to regret what he did then regret not doing it. 

Some of my favorite quotes:

Jane: "Oh you'll get nothing from me, Cooper. I'm not rat."

Rigsby: "What the hell did you do, dad?" Steven: "Hello to you, too, son."

Jane: "There was a man attached to this needle. Have you seen him?"

Rigsby: "No parenting advice, thanks."

Cho: "You didn't like growing up with a dad in jail? Ben wouldn't like it either."

Jane: "If it doesn't work, go nuts. Shoot each other all you like, just not when I'm here."

Rigsby: "Steven Rigsby says 'Hi'."

Jane: "I think it's better to regret something you did, than something you didn't do."

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Do you think that Rigsby regrets what he did or do you think he's simply sad that he lost his father right as they were trying to make amends? 

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