'The Mentalist' Recap: Undercover Brother
'The Mentalist' Recap: Undercover Brother
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, the CBI team is called in to investigate the murder of an undercover narcotics agent. It's a case that is so tantalizing that Agent Hank Schroeder is called in from Albuquerque to help solve.

Lady in Red

The episode starts in club Luxure. Yes, the club is as Euro trashy as the name makes it sound. We find that a young lady is having a great time and letting it all hang out so to speak. She gets a text message and leaves the club in the hurry. When she gets to the car, she is greeted with two shots to the head. I'm sure it's just a concerned citizen who doesn't want people to text and drive at the same time. It turns out that the young lady was named Yolanda, and that she was an undercover cop. They learn this from Det. Anderson, played by the great Dean Norris. She was at the club tracking down a suspect named Omar who is a supposed drug kingpin.

Lisbon and Jane go back into the club and try to track down Omar. Jane chats for a bit with Vince, the seedy owner of Luxure, but the conversation is cut short due to the terrible House music that is rocking the club. Jane and Lisbon find their way into the VIP lounge and eventually find Omar at the bar. They ask Omar about Yolanda and he admits that he killed her, and is arrested. Just kidding, there's still a whole episode left. He denies it, but I had you fooled for a second, didn't I?

Family Talk

Anderson is giving a Power Point presentation to the CBI team about Omar. Power Points during meetings are usually boring, so Anderson decided to spice his up with photos of victims who died at the hands of Omar. This is a better attention grabbing tool than funny clip art and sound effects I have learned. After the meeting, Cho and Rigsby go to a hotel where they found charges to Yolanda's credit card. They track down the room with the charges and barge in to a guy who was in the middle of an intense meeting with a prostitute. This is one of the most embarrassing situations you can ever find yourself in, believe me.

While Cho and Rigsby have their hands full, Jane and Lisbon go to talk to Yolanda's family. They meet Lalo, no relation to Lilo, her husband. He is mad that she is dead and never wanted her to be an undercover cop. Also living at the house is Lalo's cousin, Alivia. Jane uses his Jedi mind tricks on her and finds out that she was following Yolanda the night she was killed because she believed that Yolanda was having an affair. The thing that tipped her off was the stray condoms she would find in her pants. Wait, women don't wear condoms!

Summer School

Cho has the pleasure of interviewing Summer, the prostitute from the hotel. It turns out that Summer made the 911 call after robbing Yolanda's corpse. Those cancel out on the karma wheel, right? Cho has her give up information on Omar in return for dropping the theft charges. It turns out that Omar lost a bunch of coke to the Perry Boys, a rival set of dealers. Van pelt gets a hold of Yolanda's text messages which talk about champagne and hotel rooms, so it may be further proof of an affair.

Jane and Lisbon go to the office of the undercover officers. It's a very crummy police station that makes The Farm from The Shield look like a skyscraper by comparison. Lisbon talks to Anderson about the affair, which he says couldn't have been with a fellow officer. Jane talks to Yolanda's old partners Trey and Bianca. He then talks with Trey while going to the evidence room and pockets some bundles of cocaine. Good job Jane, now none of what you do is admissible in court. Van Pelt goes to Yolanda's house and finds records about a vacant house. Lisbon and Anderson go to see if that is where the Perry Boys are.

Dead Rivals

Lisbon and Anderson lead a full on SWAT assault on the house. Inside they find one of the Perry Boys shot in the head, still holding an Xbox controller. It seems as though people took the release of Modern Warfare really seriously. All the drugs are missing from the house, so the focus goes back on Omar. Jane goes back to Luxure and is followed by Rigsby and Cho, who wait outside.

Inside, Jane finds Vince counting a lot of money. Jane doesn't believe that it could all come from the club. Jane has obviously never paid $15 for a Vodka Redbull before. It turns out that Omar is the real owner of the club and is using it to launder money. He tells Vince that he wants in the drug game and gives up the coke he stole earlier. When Jane leaves he is grabbed by a very burly bouncer and put in an SUV. Cho and Rigsby try to follow, due to a tracking device put in Jane's jacket, but the thugs were one step ahead and threw the jacket in the garbage. Couldn't they have just trailed the car like normal cops?

Partner in Crime

Cho goes to summer to find out where Jane was taken. She tries to resist, but he puts her in handcuffs. Although she was a handcuff fetishist before, she's not a fan now and gives up where Omar's hideout is. Cho would later thank her for this by making her his new confidential informant. It looks like we may have a bit more of Summer left in the year. (Was that a bad weather/seasons pun? Yes. Yes it was.)

In Omar's warehouse, which seems to be the hideout of choice for all killers in this show, Jane tells Omar that he is willing to sell him information to stay a step ahead of the police. Omar brings out Bianca, Yolanda's old partner, and says she made the same deal. Jane eventually has Bianca confess to the murder, and Omar is taken down by the police.

I was hoping they would pick the Red John storyline up after the last episode, but he was only mentioned briefly in the last minute of the show. Once again there was no promo for the next episode, so I guess we'll all have to be surprised.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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