'The Mentalist' Recap: Borrowed Resources
'The Mentalist' Recap: Borrowed Resources
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, Jane is recruited by Agent Darcy to work on a special FBI case, while Lisbon and the rest of the team are left to pick up Jane's mess in a concurrent murder case.

Early Ending

We start this week's episode at a press conference for a dead woman named Matilda. At the press conference, Matilda's boss, Gary, offers a ten million dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of the killer. This is when I wrote "he is the killer" in my notebook. Of course, Jane calls him out on it and is met with a punch to the face. Lisbon has Gary arrested and it looks like it's another closed case for The Mentalist. Wait a second...there's still 57 minutes left. What kind of bizarros world is this? This would be the same as The Mentalist coming on on a Friday night.

Back in the office, Jane is told that Darcy and the FBI want him to help them with a murder case. Jane agrees, but Lisbon is angry that he is leaving them high and dry. As Jane is leaving the confines of the CBI, Gary and his lawyer are told that Gary will be held for 48 hours for his assault on Jane. Lisbon tells the team that he is the only suspect, and that they have to prove his guilt without Jane. Good luck with that.

Death in the Park

The case that Jane is so urgently needed on is a murder of a woman named Katie. Why the FBI is investigating the homicide of a single female really makes no sense to me, consider it has no national implications, but I guess I'll play along. At the scene Jane notices that there was no struggle, but does find a piece of a wine bottle. He goes to Katie's house to speak to her in-laws. The insist that Katie wouldn't go into the mountains alone and say that she was very predictable. Sandy, Katie's husband, comes to the house where Jane says that he is a possible suspect, thus making a grieving family feel even worse. Great bed side manner, Jane.

Jane looks on the phone and calls the only two outgoing calls that day. One was to her mother-in-law and the other was to a pizza place. Jane can't find any pizza boxes, so he goes to the pie factory. He meets Manny and Lilah, the siblings who own the shop, and learns that their brother James left at the time of the murder and hasn't been seen. Not only that, but he is suffering from severe PTSD from the war. Eepies.

Dirty Situation

Jane and Darcy go back to the woods in search of James when he comes out of the bushes wielding a knife, and covered in blood. That's never a good sign. They take him in custody and ask him what happen. He says that he blacked out and doesn't remember from happen, possible from his PTSD. Darcy is convinced that they have their killer, but Jane isn't so sure. The two go to a diner and Darcy starts asking Jane about Red John. Jane says he'll answer her question if he can use his black magick on her first during a reading. She agrees, and Jane learns taht Darcy blames herself for her sister's death when they were young. Darcy then says that Jane is working with Red John as one of his disciples. That makes perfect sense. A guy loses his family and gives up his millions because he is brainwashed by a nut job.

Back in the CBI office, things aren't going well for the investigation against Gary. Matlida was last speaking to someone online about Shakespeare, but they can't find who. Besides learning that Matilda was a nerd, they can't find any real evidence, and Rigsby goes so far as to try and hypnotize the suspect. It obviously doesn't work, and we are left to realize that these people are terrible at their jobs.

Hide Your Love Away

Jane and Darcy go back to Katie's house and search her room for her wedding ring, which wasn't on the body. They find out that Katie and Sandy are using separate bedrooms (what is this, a 1950s sitcom?) and find the ring hidden. That means that she was having an affair. They go to James with this information and he confesses that the two have been seeing each other intimately the last six months.

James then says that he killed Katie, but Jane says that he is still 80% sure that he didn't. Jane then shows the in-laws and Sandy the evidence that Katie was having an affair, and says that the real culprit is still out there.

One-Man Team

Jane calls Lisbon and tells her that he needs her to help him. Like a responsible cop, and worker, she agrees to quit working on the case she is assigned with Gary and leaves her team alone. Is there any oversight going on in the California law enforcement system? Jane tells her about Darcy's theories during a stake-out and they eventually catch Katie's in-laws planting evidence. The two say that they were shocked at her infidelity and that they poisoned a bottle of wine causing both Katie and James to pass out during the murder.

Jane returns to the office, just as Gary is getting release. Jane says an incorrect Shakespeare quote, which Gary corrects, thus making him a suspect again. While Jane just single-handedly closed two cases, Darcy tells Wainwright that the FBI is investigating Jane for his connections to Red John. It looks like Jane has a troubled future ahead.

Not a bad episode, I'm just happy that it is forwarding the large scale plot of Red John. It looks like we have another episode tomorrow, which, to be honest, feels like a beat down. They had a re-run last week, why put two new episodes back-to-back?

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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