'The Mentalist' Premiere Recap: Best of 'Scarlet Ribbons'
'The Mentalist' Premiere Recap: Best of 'Scarlet Ribbons'
On this week's premiere episode of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane goes to prison for killing the man he believed to be Red John while the team tries to find the truth. Pour yourself a glass of toilet wine, sharpen your shank and settle in for an all new season.

Off to Jail

We pick up where last season ended with Jane shooting Tim Carter, the man he believes to be Red John, in the mall. He is now in custody and asked why he did what he did. He tells his side of the story, which they soon poke all sorts of holes in and ask if he is a crazy person.

Personally, I would've told them that the guy was a super annoying mall kiosk worker and that I couldn't take any more terrible sales pitches. They probably would have let him walk because everybody hates those people.

We then go to Jane's court date where his bail is set at (lifts pinky to lips) one million dollars, and find out that he is going to represent himself in court. Meanwhile, Jane's team has been suspended by Gale Bertram due to the whole "your team shot an innocent guy " thing, so the team decides to go rogue and find out more about the shooting.

Unofficial Business

Cho and Rigsby decide that they will head to the mall, try to get the security footage and maybe test out the message chairs at Brookstone if they have time. They run into a bit of trouble with the security guard who asks for a warrant in order to give them the tape. Cho then gets all Dirty Harry on him and basically tells him that their team's suspended for killing a lot of people so they won't be able to give him a warrant, which seems to be good enough for Mr. Security Guard.

Lisbon and Grace go to the Tim Carter's house to talk to his widow, Sad Sally Carter. She tells them that her husband was a nice man who recently got an award for helping search for a missing teen, so it couldn't be him. Because how often are serial killers looking for missing teens, am I right? Lisbon then tells Teresa to go to therapy for that little thing of shooting her own fiancé.

Poker Stars

Back in the nicest jail in America, a group of prisoners let Jane into a game of poker with a $100,000 buy in. Not only are they betting large sums but they have actual poker chips! Now I was in jail for a few hours once (don't ask) and all I got was a scratchy blanket and sorrow. Jane uses his super mind powers to fake a bluff to win a million dollars to bail himself out. He joins up with Lisbon to go meet with Sally at her husband's wake, which is kind of awkward.

At the mall, Cho and Rigsby question a coffee girl about the Tim Carter and she points them to the security guard who was there. They strong arm his address out of his coworker, only to find the man dead inside of his bathtub.

Count the Keys

Jane talks with Sally who still maintains that her husband was a great man. Jane then asks her to count the number of keys on her key ring (6) compared the number of keys on Tim's (7). Clearly this means he's a killer and not someone with an office key or one of those random spare keys we all carry around with us. Jane then goes to the bathroom to unlock the window, says good bye to Sally and leaves.

As soon as he's in the car he tells Lisbon to wait for him as he goes back inside. Lisbon has more patience than me because a few hours go by with Jane hiding in a closet while she just sits in her car.

Secret Passage

It turns out Sally may be Red Sally, because she looks for where the extra key goes. Not only does her house come with a secret apartment built in, but it also has the missing teen tied to a bed. I heard both of these things help the market value. Sally starts yelling at the girl asking what the extra key goes to when Jane explains that it's his locker key. Sorry Sally, you're going to jail.

We then close the show with the quickest trial in the history of America. Jane uses the defense that he has a right to kill the man who killed his family, which I think is the 12th Amendment. The OJ trial took over a year. The Mentalist's trial? It seemed to only take 4 days. Jane is found (what a shocker) not guilty of all chargers.

While I would've liked to see Jane's time in prison a little bit more, it looks like we're in for another great season. Next week, Jane's hunt continues while having to put his old team back together.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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