'The Lying Game' Recap: It All Comes Down to This
'The Lying Game' Recap: It All Comes Down to This
On this week's episode of The Lying Game, the show goes out with a bang in the fall finale and we are given even more question to ponder over the break.

Happy Birthday

The day of the twins' (Alexandra Chando) birthday has arrived and Sutton's family is planning a huge party in her honor. That morning, Emma decides she has to tell Sutton's family the truth about who she is, if she has any chance of staying in Phoenix. Emma tells each member of Sutton's family how much they mean to her and prepares to reveal her true identity, but she chickens out when she realizes how much it could hurt them.

Sutton Plays Games

Sutton returns to Phoenix but no one is at her house when she arrives. While she is there, Ethan (Blair Redford) calls and assumes Sutton is Emma. Sutton does not correct him and Ethan tells 'Emma' he loves her. Sutton, pretending to be Emma, asks what Ethan felt for Sutton and Ethan says he never loved Sutton. Hurt by Ethan's words, Sutton decides to lash out by setting Ethan and Emma up. Sutton invites them both to the cabin where Ethan and Emma first met and stages things so Emma walks in on Sutton and Ethan kissing. (It is a wonder Sutton has managed to hold onto any friends at all if this is how she behaves.)

Twin vs. Twin

At the cabin, Sutton confronts Emma for 'stealing' her life and Emma says all she did was what Sutton asked of her. Ethan defends Emma and says that Emma helped repair all of Sutton's relationships while Sutton was away but Sutton does not care. Emma confesses that all she ever wanted was for them to be real sisters and Sutton claims she wanted the same thing before Emma betrayed her. Sutton thinks Emma should pay for taking over her life and she storms out, planning to tell her friends and family who Emma really is.

An Uninvited Guest

After her fight with Sutton, Emma calls Lexi (Madison Burge) and Lexi tells her she should fight for her new life. Lexi's advice must have made an impact on Emma because she shows up at Sutton's party after all, only Sutton has not arrived yet. Emma is moments from telling everyone the truth about who she really is, when she spots a shadowy figure watching her. Emma follows the figure, thinking it might be Sutton. However, when Kristin (Helen Slater) walks outside to check on Emma and sees the mystery guest, she thinks it is Annie. Did Annie really crash her daughter's birthday party or was Kristin mistaken? Who else could the surprise guest be?

Sutton's life is on the line

On her way to the party, Sutton is shocked when she realizes someone else is in the car with her. The shock forces her to lose control of the vehicle and she drives off the road into a lake. Sutton is knocked out by the impact but she wakes up at the episode's conclusion and is trapped in her car as it fills with water. Who was the person in Sutton's car? Was Alec (Adrian Pasdar) the culprit, or did he have Dan the cop (Tyler Christopher) do his dirty work for him? What about Emma's creepy foster brother, Travis? Let the guessing game begin!

That is all, folks. What did you think of the series so far? Will you be watching when it returns next year? And do you have any suggestions of how we might pass the time during this hiatus?

The Lying Game will return to ABC Family with all new episodes in January 2012.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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