'The Lying Game' Recap: Break-Up, Make-Up and HUGE Reveal
'The Lying Game' Recap: Break-Up, Make-Up and HUGE Reveal
Last week, we left off with Emma telling Mads that she isn't Sutton. I had worried how Mads would take this kind of news, but tonight's episode, "No Country for Young Love," showed me that she took it surprisingly well. Derek's murderer is revealed, and I think even more that Thayer likes Emma after he grabs her hand and tells her that no matter what happens he is there for her! Aww! I love Thayer!

Rebecca's a Nosy B*tch

Laurel and Justin are having a drink together. arguing over the song that Laurel is trying to write. Then, Rebecca is outside of the restaurant. Laurel gets Justin to get up and leave, but it wasn't in enough time. Rebecca still saw him and invites herself to sit down with Laurel and wants the details!

What business of it is hers? None! It's probably something to do with whatever plan she has up her sleeve ... so is having the producer come into town to produce a demo for Laurel and her band. It may seem like she has good intentions, but I think only bad things will come with her.

Laurel Breaks Justin's Heart

Laurel and Baz record their demo at the studio. After the practice session is complete for the day, Baz talks to Laurel about changing the last chorus. They begin singing, and it looks as if Laurel is about to kiss Baz until Justin shows up with Chinese dinner, over which Laurel breaks up with him despite his confession of love for her.

Party at the Frat House!

Mads, Emma and Thayer head over to the frat house where a party is being held by the guy that was caught with Derek in the middle of a drug deal. They come across a pledge that gives up information -- Alec murdered Derek. Of course, we all knew that already, but it is still nice for the actual answer to come out on the show.

Was It Worth It?

Ethan and his dad have a heart-to-heart, which leads to a phone call to Dan from their dad. Ethan tries to call Emma, but Emma cuts him off because it is too dangerous. Back on the ranch, after Ethan tells Sutton she should try being honest sometime, she tells Ethan how she really feels -- how she has always felt. She tells Ethan she loves him. They end up kissing and God knows what else. But was it really worth it? Whether it was or wasn't, Ethan is arrested as the FBI storm through the front door of the house at the end of the episode.

So, on next week's episode, we see Ethan in his cell telling Emma that something happened with Sutton. Will he actually tell Emma what happened or will he just tell Emma about Sutton helping him work things out with his father? If he does tell Emma, how will she take it? And when will Thayer make his big move on Emma?

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

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