'The Lying Game' Recap: A Threatening Package for Emma
'The Lying Game' Recap: A Threatening Package for Emma
Lying hasn't been a part of my life since October 17 (well, not really anyway!) until tonight when it all came back with the return of the Lying Game on ABC Family -- and I must say, I was extremely pleased. The show left off with Emma just about to reveal her secret - that she has been pretending to be her long-lost identical twin sister, Sutton -- but aborted the plan when she thought she saw Annie, the woman who she and Sutton believe is her mother.

So, does Sutton reappear in "O Twin, Where Art Thou?" Does Emma finally reveal the truth to her new family? And just who was in the car with Sutton when she drove off the pier into the water? Were the answers in tonight's episode? Let's find out.

Is Arizona Big Enough for Two Annies?

Tonight, the mid-season winter premiere of the Lying Game started right where it left off in episode 10 - Sutton's birthday party. Emma, pretending to be Sutton, runs out to find the woman who caused an interruption in her speech, which was the speed that was going to tell everyone who she really was. She believed this woman was Annie, well, knew it was because of Kristen calling her Annie; however, it wasn't Annie Hobbs, her alleged birth mother. Instead, it was Char's aunt, who wishes to be called Rebecca, and who is not welcomed by anyone but Char. She clearly has a strong past with Ted and Alec, but wants to leave that in all in the past.

Intentions of the New Annie, Now Rebecca

Alec makes a phone call to Dr. Hughes - you know, the woman from the psycho hospital - and informs her that Annie is in town. So, wait a minute ... Dr. Hughes is familiar with both of these Annies? Isn't that a little weird? Why in the world would she know this new Annie and why did Annie want to change her name to Rebecca?

Regardless, Rebecca apparently wants to gain custody of Char for some reason and put Phyllis in rehab. Sure, Char's mother is a little crazy, but just what are Rebecca's intentions in doing this? Is she just trying to get back into Phoenix so she can be a part of Ted and Alec's lives -- maybe in order to ruin them?

Three's a Crowd -- Ted and Rebecca and Kristen

Don't forget that Ted was seen with Annie in Santa Barbara and the weekend doesn't appear to have been boring! Kristen, of course, is obviously suspicious of what's going on despite the fact that she is being polite and welcoming of Rebecca. So, was Ted with Annie Hobbs or Annie "Rebecca" Sewell?

Thayer Turns the Blame on Emma and Ethan

With Sutton gone, Emma can continue her new life with the family that she has come to love so much. But she can't do that - being the good sister and all. She is worried about what happened to Sutton and calls to only get her voicemail. Thayer tried to turn Emma against Ethan, the one person who she can turn to anytime during her double duty, trying to make her believe that he killed Sutton, but thankfully, it didn't work - or at least not for long. Emma knows that all three of them need to work together to find Sutton - after all, they are the only ones who know the truth of who she really is.

Emma Gets a Package - But Not a Good One!

Emma receives an anonymous package that contains a piece of Sutton's dress and a threatening note. How original, but the good part comes when Thayer and Ethan recognize the wrapping as Sutton and part of classic lying games. The note says "Keep being Sutton... or you're next!" Do you think it's Suttons playing games? Or do you think it may be the person that was in the car with Sutton before she went off the pier?

Laurel Loses a Gift Resulting in a Crazy Moment from Justin

Even as a Momma's boy, which he revealed he is tonight, Justin is still pretty creepy, especially after he freaked out when Laurel explained she lost the bracelet he gave to her despite the reason that he gave (his mother was wearing when she passed away). Justin may be cute, but there's just something there that is still just not right. But guess where the bracelet is? Mr. Mercer took it! We knew he had a thing for Justin!

Summing It All Up

Sutton is still missing, but the car was found at the bottom of the lake by authorities, as is Annie Hobbs (the mother). So, where is Sutton? I don't think she's dead, do you? I think she's plotting her revenge on Emma for taking over her beautiful, fabulous life. It won't be long, if you ask me, before her return and I don't think she'll be a happy camper!

So many questions, but not nearly enough answers! Prepare yourself diehards because there's a lot more lying to come in the second half of season 1.

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC Family)