Charisma Carpenter Teases Her 'The Lying Game' Stint: 'I Can Ruffle Ted's Feathers And I Love It'
Charisma Carpenter Teases Her 'The Lying Game' Stint: 'I Can Ruffle Ted's Feathers And I Love It'
When The Lying Game returns to ABC Family next year, things are really going to be shaken up. Sure, there's the matter of Sutton disappearing, but there's also the return of a face from Ted (Andy Buckley) and Alec's (Adrian Pasdar) past that could reveal more secrets.

Charisma Carpenter -- you might've seen her recently on Supernatural, and you definitely remember her from Buffy and Angel -- is headed to the show as Rebecca "Annie" Sewell, Char's (Kirsten Prout) aunt who left Phoenix many years ago, and whose return will definitely ruffle some feathers. She recently talked to reporters about what to expect from Annie, including whether the fact that she looks very much like Alexandra Chando means anything -- could she be Sutton and Emma's actual parents? Highlights start in the next paragraph:

On her character, Rebecca "Annie" Sewell:
"She's been gone so long because I think when she was there, she was in high school, and things did not go well for her. She was treated poorly, not well-received. I think some very bad things happened to her and what they are exactly has not, at this point, been revealed to me. But when she does come back, she is a completely different-looking person in appearance and, obviously, shes monetarily better off. I guess she was in Los Angeles, running a music company with her husband, who she is no longer with. She thought she would go back home and start fresh, to everyone else's chagrin."

On Annie's history with Ted and Alec:
"They were cruel and mean to me and what that means, I don't know. I honestly don't know. They played games on me. Maybe the Lying Game started way before Sutton, I don't know ... I was not a confident person [then]. I was not a charming person. I was not attractive in any way. I guess they must have done something terrible to me and honestly, I don't know what it is."

On how Ted and Alec will react to her return:
"I feel, though, there is very interesting tension between Ted and Annie. I feel like whenever she's around, he's kind of a cold fish and she kind of revels in that. 'Oh, I make you uncomfortable,' visibly. I think she likes that ... With Alec, it's like mutual interest. With Ted, I can tell that I can ruffle his feathers and I love it. 'Hi, Ted. Hmm, nice to see you.'"

On how the other characters will react to her return:
"I feel like the most trouble is probably Kristin (Helen Slater) because she feels threatened in some way and she can't put her finger on why -- why I'm back, why I'm different. Some of the stuff she says to Kristen, like it's really fun to be back and turning heads, I don't think that's something you say to a woman who you want to befriend, who's married, and you're single. I don't think Thayer (Christian Alexander) likes me very much. We don't know why he's so resistant because his sister, Mads (Alice Greczyn), is very happy to see me and thinks I'm cool. Like, 'wow, you're so lucky to have a cool aunt, Char.'"

On the differences between Annie Sewell and Buffy's Cordelia Chase:
"Cordelia ... was way more up front. She was like a soothsayer. She just said what was on her mind. You always knew where you stood on things. She'll give you advice when you don't even want to hear it. I think [Annie] is not so forthcoming with what she's really thinking, but you know there are wheels spinning behind her eyes. I'm thinking this but I'm really not going to say it."

On the similarities between Annie and Cordelia:
"I think they're very spoiled in a way. I don't think she was always spoiled, Rebecca. I think she has sort of come into money, and money changes you. There's like an arrogance that comes with it, almost. And I think that's sort of similar with Cordelia. There's this sense of entitlement. I've found myself. I've made myself successful. And get out of my way."

On looking quite similar with Alexandra Chando:
"We've noticed it. And this is not even with her around -- they take continuity pictures of your make-up so they know what you look for a particular outfit and day ... so I was literally running through my wardrobe and they have these pictures cut out and I literally thought it was me. I had to remember, okay, that's a 20-year-old version of me, but it was like me. I really did think that it was me. Dang, I look good. Oh, wait a minute, that's Alex."

The Lying Game returns with all-new episodes on January 2 on ABC Family.

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