The Hills: Parody Videos of Montag's Latest Single Hit the Web
The Hills: Parody Videos of Montag's Latest Single Hit the Web
Heidi Montag, made famous by her appearance on MTV's The Hills, has attempted to “break boundaries” with her new single “Higher” and an accompanying music video, but all it seems to have done is break a number of eardrums.

On the bright side, it has given the public the opportunity to put their own creativity to use.  A couple of user-made videos parodying Heidi Montag's visual representation of “Higher” have popped up on the web, and we've posted some of them right here on BuddyTV.

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Here's one that features a comedienne named Kelly Anne Burns.  This is highly entertaining not only because Burns is better-looking than Montag, but also because she nailed the reality star's cheesy poses and out-of-place body-touching. Plus, the “running man” dance move never fails to amuse, and Burns pulls it off quite nicely.

This next one features a fat dude sporting a blonde wig, wearing a terribly small yellow bikini and frolicking at the “bi-atch.”  Need we say more?

Joel McHale, host of the E!'s The Soup, has also offered his personal take on the video. For his parody, McHale takes on the persona of Heidi Montag's boyfriend and Hills costar Spencer Pratt, who directed the original video.  Here, we see McHale doing a hilarious impression of Montag's (dare we say it?) better half.

Here's a link to McHale's video:

One common theme that runs through the parody videos is the emphasis on Montag's incredibly large hands.  Seriously, the girl has creepy hands, and all throughout the video, she seems clueless as to what to do with them, which is probably why there's a lot of pointless and not-so-to-the-beat arm-stretching, flailing about and, of course, body clutching.

While this probably isn't the best way to launch a music career, Montag can still sit pretty in the meantime, considering she has one more season of The Hills coming up.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Youtube
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