Exclusive Interview: Lo Bosworth of 'The Hills'
Exclusive Interview: Lo Bosworth of 'The Hills'
Lauren "Lo" Bosworth is best known as Lauren Conrad's best friend from the MTV series, Laguna Beach.  After LC got her own show, The Hills, Lo would show up from time to time to visit her good friend.    The third season of the show was so popular that MTV decided to extend it and a new episode premieres tonight at 10pm ET.  Lo has been added as a regular cast member and talked to BuddyTV today in an exclusive interview, dishing on the secrets of the new season.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody. This is Debbie at BuddyTV, and I'm talking to Lauren "Lo" Bosworth from MTV's docudrama The Hills.

Hi, how are you?

I'm good, how are you?

I'm doing great. Thank you.

So this third season of The Hills is returning this Monday for some new episodes, and there are big changes coming up for you. You're moving in with Lauren and Audrina?

Yes, we have already moved actually. Lauren and I made the decision that we wanted to live together when Lauren was considering where she was going to live after her leased apartment ran up. We decided that we wanted to live together, and Audrina decided that she wanted to move in too, so here we are.

Was this a decision that you three made on your own, or were you approached to be part of the new season?

Well, I've always filmed a little bit, so moving in I know that I'm going to be filming more, and I have been filming more. I've had a relationship with MTV for so long, since I was 17 doing the first season of Laguna Beach, so it was less like I was approached to do it. We just kind of did it.

Did your relationship with Lauren and Audrina change at all after you became roommates?

With Lauren and I, our relationship changed in the way that we're roommates now, so we're even that much closer. With Audrina, Audrina and I are starting to get to know each other on a more intimate level, because living with somebody you always get a more personal side of somebody. Audrina's great, she's so clean. She's so clean, and Lauren and I are a little messier. It's all been good so far, and Lauren and I have known each other for so long that this is almost, not a transition, but like a next step, almost.

You mentioned your cleaning habits. Do you ever get into little fights about who has to clean what?

Honestly, not really. Lauren and I will let the house get, not dirty, like we always do the dishes and everything, but messy, like clothes lying around, makeup lying around. It always seems to be on the same day or two that we both individually decide okay, it's time to clean, and then we'll be cleaning individually and look at each other and it's like, "You cleaning too?" "Yeah, I'm cleaning too."

What else is new for this part of the season?

What else is new? Well, Spencer's sister Stephanie Pratt is going to be back for a few episodes on the show. You will see how her relationship changes and develops with Lauren, Audrina and I, because Stephanie has a class with Lauren down at FIDM, so you'll see Audrina and I's reaction to that. Also, Stephanie with Heidi, because for Stephanie it seems like she's almost a middle man right now. I know you guys haven't seen the episodes, but she's in an interesting situation.

How about for you? What about new jobs, new boys, anything like that?

Well, my job is a student. I don't have a job. I don't have a job on the show like you see the other girls doing. For me, I really go to school and that's a private, off camera thing for me, so that in real life is what I have going on. Boys, there's a problems with boys and reality TV: they just don't want to do it.

That's too bad.

It's okay though, I totally understand. The boys that we go out with, some of them are older, they have careers already. Reality TV is not in their life plan. If anything, it would hinder their life plan. So it's hard for a lot of people who we do have relationships with to be willing to film for the show. That's why sometimes there is a lack of boy drama, because they're there but they're just not willing to do it.

The big question concerning Lauren is: does she get a new relationship? Brody, I guess the gossip blogs are pairing him up with someone else. What's going on with that?

Brody does have a new girlfriend, Cora Skinner. She's actually very sweet. We both saw them the other day, so yeah, Brody does have a new girlfriend. Lauren has moved on from that relationship, at least in a romantic way. Her and Brody are friends, they joke around, and they support each other the way that friends do.

Is she looking for a new relationship? Is she involved with anyone?

You'd have to ask her. There's always people, but I don't really want to comment on that.

What's your opinion on Audrina now forming a friendship with Heidi?

The teasers for the show always make such a big deal out of stuff like that, and I wouldn't say that Audrina and Heidi have a close friendship. I would say that they're friendly, but I think that it's less of a big deal than viewers are anticipating because of the teaser right now.

I have to mention the gossip blogs again. Yesterday, it was revealed that nude photos of Audrina surfaced the Internet.

Yeah. Those are Audrina's photos, so I can't really comment on that.

What was the filming experience like for you? You had been on Laguna Beach and The Hills before, but now you're sort of in a more prominent role.

Yeah, I think that comes from Lauren and I living together, and also I'm graduating from a school, so I have more time to devote to the show. For me, my priority really for the past four years has been going to college, getting a degree, and having that college experience. Now that I'm graduating, I'm getting older, and this is gonna be more of my job. So yeah, you're gonna see me more on the show.

How was it adjusting to all the cameras?

The thing is, I've been filming Laguna Beach since I was 17, so the cameras really aren't an issue. The cameras are there and you are there too. It hasn't been an adjustment to me. It's been an adjustment going from not filming and being in school, to yes, filming again. But I've always been used to the cameras, so it's not like anything in that regard has changed.

-Interview conducted by Debbie Chang
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