'The Good Wife' Welcomes Hamish Linklater for Guest Starring Role in November
'The Good Wife' Welcomes Hamish Linklater for Guest Starring Role in November
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The Good Wife season 4 has been full of surprises so far this season (who can forget the naughty ice cream scene in Sunday's episode?). Now we have some fun casting news from the hit CBS drama. 

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TVLine reports that Hamish Linklater has just landed a guest starring role in this season of The Good Wife. Linklater, probably best known for his roles in shows such as New Adventures of Old Christine and The Big C, is set to play a character named David. The character is described as "an employee of the Department of Justice who has a twinkle in his eye and a deep appreciation for good Greek food." Linklater's episode is slated to air in November and there is a possibility that he will come back in a recurring role. 

Whenever I hear news of a new guest start on The Good Wife, my wheels start turning as I come up with various scenarios for what the character could mean to everyone at Lockhart and Gardner. If this character is an employee with the DOJ, does that mean he'll be involved in a case that the firm will be fighting against? He's described as having a "twinkle in his eye" which could mean that even if he is on the opposing side, he might be somewhat friendly to Alicia and the rest of the firm. 

Then again, Michael J. Fox's character, Louis Canning could be described as having a twinkle in his eye and look how much trouble he has brought to the firm. So will this David guy be friend or foe to the team at Lockhard and Gardner? That is certainly the million-dollar question. Since there is a hint that he could come back for multiple episodes, my money is on David being a troublemaker. I mean how often does someone come to visit the firm more than once and not bring trouble in one form or another? Just look at Kalinda's ex-husband. 

What do you think of the casting new? Are you looking forward to seeing Hamish Linklater on The Good Wife? What do you think he will bring to the firm: good news or trouble?

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