Meet Some 'The Good Wife' Season 4 Guest Stars: Amanda Peet, Christina Ricci and More
Meet Some 'The Good Wife' Season 4 Guest Stars: Amanda Peet, Christina Ricci and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Good Wife has certainly had its fair share of guest stars over its past three seasons and it looks like season 4 will be no different. Check out the upcoming guest stars who will be joining the show, including Amanda Peet, Christina Ricci, Brian Dennehy and F. Murray Abraham. 

First up, the cast welcomes Amanda Peet in an episode called "The Art of War" which is due to air on Sunday, November 4. In the episode, Alicia will represent Peet's character Laura Hellinger, an Army captain who accuses a civilian contractor of attempting to rape her in Afghanistan. 


In the same episode, the cast will also welcome Brian Dennehy as Bucky Stabler, the attorney who will represent the civilian contractor accused of trying to rape Peet's character, Laura Hellinger. Looks like the team at Lockhart and Garnder has a fight ahead of them. 


Next up, Christina Ricci joins the cast as Therese Dodd, a comedienne who is being sued by a television network for indecency. The episode is called "Anatomy of a Joke" and will air on Sunday November 11. One has to wonder what she could have done on the air to get accused of indecency. 


In the same episode, the cast will be joined by F. Murray Abraham, who will play Burl Preston, the attorney representing the television network that is accusing Dodd of televised indecency. Something tells me that Abraham's character is going to be one tough opponent for the team at Lockhart and Gardner. 

That's quite a list of actors that will be guest starring on The Good Wife this season. It seems like for every great character that needs help, there is another great character that will be playing the opposing counsel. 

Now that you've seen the latest crop of guest stars that will be joining the cast, who do you think will be the most fun to watch? Will you be rooting for the guys or the girls or is your loyalty mixed? I think I'm going to be rooting for the women in both cases, based purely on the storyline descriptions we've seen so far. 

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