'The Glee Project' Recap: A Frontrunner Goes Home
'The Glee Project' Recap: A Frontrunner Goes Home
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Glee Project has only two weeks to go, and this week is another shocking bottom three with a very shocking result. Someone who has dominated the competition from day one, who has received positive feedback every single week, who has NEVER performed a solo for Ryan Murphy before this week, goes home.

There are also some shocking bloopers in this episode, including the show accidentally spoiling the result minutes before it happens just like NBC did with Missy Franklin at the Olympics. And I'd like to point out an embarrassing error in the first minute of the episode when they showed Aylin talking, but identified her as Ali. I know the names are close in spelling, but come on, Oxygen, that's just ridiculous.

gleeproerror.jpgHomework Assignment: "More Than Words" by Extreme

Robert Ulrich confesses that he lost his virginity to this song, which is definitely TMI. The kids break into pairs and create their own romantic scenes all full of deep, meaningful, soulful staring. This is Romanticality Week, after all.

Guest mentor Darren Criss thinks Michael and Shanna are stiff (not in the good way) and Shanna basically blames Michael for dragging her down. Bitchy, but kind of true. This is the first time she's received negative feedback ever.

Aylin and Lily, mortal enemies that they are, do an intense lesbian scene that Criss finds too serious and melodramatic. I didn't think there was such a thing as too melodramatic for Glee.

The best are Blake and Ali, even though they're the only ones who don't kiss (instead they just do an Eskimo kiss with their noses). And, amazingly, Blake finally wins his FIRST homework assignment. Now that leaves Michael as the only person to never win one.
Music Video: "We Found Love" by Rihanna

The music video also has pairs. Blake gets to pick Ali because he wants to explore their connection. They rearrange the other couples, putting Shanna with Aylin and Lily with Michael. Lily isn't too happy because she makes it quite clear she's just not into Michael at all. Is this girl crazy? He's kind of amazing, but I get it. Lily has Blake Blinders on, so no other man can compete.

Choreography: For the first time in about five weeks there's actual choreography, but Zach Woodlee is on the set of Glee, so his assistant Brooke takes over. Boo!

Vocals: Shanna isn't 100 percent perfect like she's been all season. There are also problems with frontrunner Blake who can't harmonize at all, which is the crack in his armor. Ironically, Nikki Anders expects Michael to be the biggest problem, but he and Lily do a great job.

Video Shoot: Lily and Michael have surprisingly strong chemistry and Lily in particular does a remarkable job not overshadowing Michael like she normally does. Blake and Ali also do a great job making their scenes playful and sweet.

But Aylin and Shanna fail miserably and making their lesbian relationship realistic. It looks more like dancing than romancing.
The video itself is good, but the real star is Iqbal Theba (Principal Figgins on Glee), who guest stars and does a hilarious little urinal dance that is just awesome.

The Bottom 3

Michael dodges a bullet and we get an insane bottom three with contestants who have all been strong contenders at different points. Heck, Blake and Shanna have NEVER performed by themselves for Ryan Murphy.

Aylin - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack: It's simple and elegant, but she forgets the words. But Ryan Murphy focuses more on the Muslim aspect, because he's very, very in love with the idea of having a young female Muslim role model on the show.

Blake - "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.: He's only here because he can't harmonize and Ryan thinks he's too perfect and unflappable. The performance is pretty good but Ryan wants to see some vulnerability because I guess Ryan is unable to come up with ideas on his own.

Shanna - "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson: Who the hell is this girl? She is intense and confident and I'm kind of in awe, because I never thought much of her before. Shanna throws Michael under the bus, saying he should be in the bottom instead of her.

Ryan's biggest problem is that Shanna doesn't have an obvious hook for him to write for. I feel like he's basically admitting that he's a bad writer, because he can't come up with his own ideas. He needs a girl to be fat or in a wheelchair or a Muslim in order for him to create a character. How about you tell her what role you want to have on the show and then see if she can ACT like that character?

Who's Going Home?

Shanna is eliminated! It's not that shocking because Oxygen just had a Missy Franklin, Olympics-style blooper as the promo for next week's episode, shown during the commercial break BEFORE the elimination, featured Blake and Aylin. OOPS!

I want to be angry because I disagree with Ryan's decision-making process, but I've been on record as not really liking Shanna from the start.

Next week on The Glee Project: It's all about ACTING! Wow, what a novel concept for a competition where the prize is being an actor. And it looks super intense, with Lily crying in a tree, Michael yelling at Blake, and Blake furious at Aylin for cheating on him.

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