'The Girls Next Door': Holly Madison Ready to Get Hitched?
'The Girls Next Door': Holly Madison Ready to Get Hitched?
Peepshow and all her Las Vegas acts aren't the only things occupying Holly Madison's mind, because her friends say she's got babies on the brain. The former Girls Next Door member isn't married, nor can she even say she's in a relationship with Benji Madden. However, pals of the model know that she wants to settle down too.

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Holly Madison's Girls Next Door co-star Kendra Wilkinson is busy with mommy duties and Bridget Marquardt is picking out an engagement ring. What about her, will she start her own family as well?

Angel Porrino, the assistant of Holly Madison, revealed to E! Online that the reality TV star has shown potential in nursing children. When she brings in her son Roman to work, the Girls Next Door actress never fails to act so motherly.

"She definitely wants to get married and have babies in the near future," Porrino admitted. "I know she really really wants it. She looks at Roman and bonds with him and I know she'd be a great mom and a great wife. She's ready to settle down."

The problem, however, is the man. While she's seeing musician Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, things still haven't gone on to he next level.

"Do they like each other? Absolutely!" said Holly's Peepshow co-star Josh Strickland. "They are so cute and cool together and he couldn't be cooler and a sweeter guy. But they don't live in the same city and he was doing his album and now he's on tour so it does complicate things. I guess the attitude is we'll see what happens."

We'll certainly see a lot of that on Holly's World, which will premiere on June 13. There's a lot more in store for Holly Madison, who seems to be doing really well after her life with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Though she didn't find herself building a family with him, there's still time.

"She just turned 30 and I think that clock is ticking for her," Strickland added. "She definitely wants to have kids and settle down and find that right person."

The audience being packed during her Peepshow performances proves that guys still line up for Holly Madison. But another friend added that she only likes a certain type.

"She's super busy and she can't have somebody up her ass 24/7," Holly's pal Laura Croft declared. "If she dates somebody, they've got to be successful and have their own life."

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Now if only she and Benji Madden would confess already.

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