'The Following' Recap: Joe's Plan Involves a Lot of Sacrifices
'The Following' Recap: Joe's Plan Involves a Lot of Sacrifices
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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One more week until the season 2 finale of The Following and stuff is crazy! Joe's plan finally gets started in a New York City church, while Claire goes on a wild goose chase to find him. Meanwhile, Mark and Luke want revenge on everyone for the death of their mother, Lily.

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How to Make a Killer

At the Kingston Tanner home, he is willing to do anything to get his son back, including using the burner phone sent to him by Joe against the FBI's wishes. He gets instructions from Joe to wait for the sign and then get into a van with his followers. The sign is a woman who burns herself on his front lawn as a distraction.

Luckily, Tanner's bodyguard put a tracker on him so Ryan and Mike can find him.

They head to a church, where Joe's followers have booby-trapped the doors and windows. They hold everyone inside hostage, while Joe takes over. He live streams everything online. After he reunites Tanner with his son, Preston, he makes Tanner watch the video of Preston killing the woman. He then pits Preston against his father, in a lesson he calls "How to make a killer." In a twist of events that even Joe didn't see coming, Tanner kills himself to save his son.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Perhaps the best storyline of the night is when Joe manipulates Emma to head to an old inn where he believes Claire will be. Emma is not convinced that Joe's on track and believes he's distracted. However, when he tells her that she's always been the "woman behind him," she gives in.

When she and Robert get to the inn, she's not happy again and is worried about Joe. They see Claire arrive by herself, as she ran away from police against Ryan's wishes, and head in to catch her. Robert wants to bring Claire to Joe, and Emma wants to kill her. So Emma kills Robert when he gets in the way. And after a fight between Emma and Claire, Emma is killed. Claire not only stabs her and throws her out a window, she stakes her as her body falls in a Jesus-like pose.

Heading in Alone ... Again

Mike and Ryan make it to the church before the FBI, so they get inside before everything is locked down by Joe's followers. Ryan gives Max the play by play of what's going on inside. They witness Tanner's death, and Mike decides he just wants to head in and not wait for backup. Ryan tells him he's better than that. However, Mike does it anyway. He reveals himself to Joe and the followers when Joe threatens to kill Preston. Ryan is not happy. Joe says he is going to kill Mike if Ryan doesn't come out. And after the count of three, a shot is fired, but the episode ends so we won't know until next week what happens.

Psycho Twins Out for Revenge

While all this is going down, Mark and Luke are upset that Lily was killed. They seek revenge on everyone involved: Joe, Mike, Ryan, etc. So they somehow managed to make it to the inn where Claire killed Emma. Luke is just stunned in finding Claire -- as now he can use her for leverage with Joe and Ryan.

So Joe's plan was to hijack a church and kill people, but there has to be more to it. While the plan is crazy with the explosives and weapons, it almost seems too simple. I honestly believe Joe sent Emma and Robert off to the inn as a way to get rid of them. The way Joe smiled after he convinced Emma to go was very evil.

I'm getting sick of everyone wanting to kill Joe, but no one actually doing it. If Mike didn't care about dying since he offered himself up instead of Preston, why didn't he just open fire and kill Joe? I guess he was trying to save more people in the end. I really hope they don't kill Mike off. He was the sane one of the group. But now, I just don't know about him.

But I am really excited that instead of just Joe this season, we now have the psycho twins to throw everyone for a loop.

The Following season 2 finale airs Monday, April 28 at 9pm on FOX.

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