'The Following' Recap: Joe Carroll Comes Alive Again
'The Following' Recap: Joe Carroll Comes Alive Again
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The fifth episode of The Following is a little slow moving for my liking, but it does show that Joe Carroll is slowly getting back to his old self again. Meanwhile, as Ryan and Max Hardy get closer to finding Joe, the FBI gets closer to realizing that Joe might actually be alive. And Emma is not assimilating very well into the Lily Gray group.

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One Step Closer to Joe Carroll

The episode picks up where last week left off, with Max on the Metro-North train to Connecticut following Giselle. They get off in Stratford, where Ryan tells Max to wait for him to get there before she approaches Giselle. He gets there in record time and they capture Giselle.

After some interrogating and a good cop/bad cop routine, Giselle reveals that Joe may or may not be at some factory. Ryan ventures out there, where he encounters Luke and another follower, who arrived to pick up Giselle. Ryan shoots the other follower, but ends up shot himself. He finds a random home in the woods to clean up, but Luke and Giselle are on his tail. He kills Giselle in a scuffle and gets away, leaving Luke to mourn over Giselle's body.

While Giselle never confirmed that Joe is still alive, Ryan is convinced that he is and believes that if he finds Lily, he'll find Joe and finally kill him.

Meanwhile, the FBI is getting closer to something, though they really don't know what. Mike does, though; when something pops up in their system about the murder and fire in Arkansas, where Joe was hiding out, Mike realizes a surveillance photo of a man and a girl is most likely of Joe and that Ryan is not as crazy as he seems.

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

At the Lily Gray ranch, Lily introduces Joe to her group of followers and is hoping for alone time with Joe. However, Emma seems to be preoccupying his time, looking for answers about why Joe never contacted her or filled him in on his ultimate plan. Lily asks Mark to distract Emma so she can spend time with Joe.

Lily then shows Joe a torture/kill room she's set up especially for him, complete with a desk for writing and a college co-ed name Wendy for him to kill. At first, he's frustrated with the setup, claiming he doesn't like to be controlled. But soon, he's back in the room alone and ready to kill again. High off of the kill, he heads into the arms and bed of Lily.

While this is going on, Mark takes Emma to a studio to draw. She has a moment with Mark and tries to kiss him, but he freaks out and says he can't be touched. She demands to be let out of the studio, but Mark won't let her because "Mother isn't done with Joe yet."

I think this episode moves a little too slow. While the FBI is getting closer to finding Joe, whether they know it or not, Ryan is just causing a mess going off on his own. And if he's so worried about people he loves dying or getting hurt, it seems silly that he is working with his niece on the case without the help of the police or FBI. I guess he knows that the only way to track down Joe is without professionals, as Joe always outsmarts the police.

I'm curious to see how long it takes for Emma to flip out on her new "family." She's clearly not happy there and would much rather be alone with Joe forever. However, she's going to have to fight for Joe's attention again with Lily sort of running the ship and Mandy's new love for killing. It's disappointing they don't really explore much of Mandy in this episode. However, seeing Joe back at it again sort of makes you want to like the bad guy.

And I really want to know what Lily's deal is. She claims she wants to be part of his greatness. And she's obviously obsessed with Joe as much as all the other followers, but why has she set up this elaborate room for him? What is she hoping to get out of it? Maybe Emma is right when she says everyone in the new Following group is crazy.

The Following airs on Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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