'The Following' Season 2: Will Joe Carroll Return?
'The Following' Season 2: Will Joe Carroll Return?
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Last season of The Following left audiences in pure agony, wanting so many questions answered but were given numerous cliffhangers. That's the name of the game, though, right?

Fan finds worthy TV show. TV show reels fan in for 7+ episodes. Fan becomes hooked. TV show ends abruptly. Fan has withdrawals until next season. Happens all the time. Luckily, Comic-Con has given us a few hints for what we can expect of Ryan Hardy's adventures in season 2.

Who's Here:
Kevin Bacon (Ryan Hardy)
Shawn Ashmore (Mike Weston)
James Purefoy (Joe Carroll)
Valerie Curry (Emma Hill)
Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega (Executive Producers)

As fans all know, the first season of The Following was all about the chase. Ryan Hardy was pulled out of his drunken stupor to assist the FBI in catching the mastermind behind an unpredictable and unimaginably deadly cult, Joe Caroll. The season ended with the explosive death of Caroll, his protege Emma on the run, and Claire Matthews and Ryan falling victim to a cliffhanger of a stabbing attack. So what comes of all these unanswered questions? 


Season 2 of The Following will apparently take a new direction, according to Williamson. He says this season will be "more of a character driven thriller." So no surprise public displays of crazy? No Edgar Allan Poe references? No Joe Caroll? Here are the few, and broad, sneak peeks given by the cast and crew at SDCC.

We're jumping ahead in time, the amount of time isn't specified just yet, and Joe Caroll is very much alive. Well, in a way. I guess? Actor Purefoy says that he has been "soul searching" since his, let's call it, accident and his presence will definitely be felt in this upcoming season. Does this mean he has turned to a life of helping others instead of killing them? Probably not the case, but fans will most likely learn of his motives for what he has done and for those he has inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, Caroll's right hand woman Emma is on her own and on the run. Valerie explains that her character now has to learn to live without "that protection and that infrastructure of the cult." We'll be seeing the short-haired ginger in various disguises and joining a new group of "friends." Looks like she'll be spreading her control freakish ways to other unfortunate souls.

Our favorite tortured soul, Ryan, dealt with many closeted skeletons last season. This time around, flashbacks will reveal even more about his family and background. So I'm guessing, just like his evil counterpart Caroll, Ryan will be thinking back over his life and coming to terms with all that has happened and being "more at peace," as Bacon describes, than ever before. Maybe this means that Claire survives and they're happy and in love? One can hope!

Mike Weston (Ashmore) has been along for the ride from the start. He started out a bright-eyed Ryan Hardy fan, looking to be a part of the fight against Caroll and learn from the expert. After being the main punching bag in the first season's "fight club" scene and losing a teammate and friend in Parker's death, Weston has grown up. The father-son relationship seen between he and Ryan might strengthen this season, or it might make a turn for the worst.

Oh yeah, and as far as those multiplying Followers go, last season focused on just one particular area. This season, they will pop up EVERYWHERE! So look for new characters, both good and bad. No one has been cast just yet, though.

It's going to be a "crazy thrill ride," says Bacon. I say, BRING IT ON!

Look for new episodes of The Following on FOX in January of 2014.

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