'The Flash' Season 4 Spoilers: WestAllen Will Get Married -- But It Might Not Be a Happy Ending
'The Flash' Season 4 Spoilers: WestAllen Will Get Married -- But It Might Not Be a Happy Ending
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Flash has some good news (and bad news) for fans of Barry and Iris' romance. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed something fans were hoping would happen in the upcoming season. When Barry returns from the Speed Force, he will finally get married to Iris West. As exciting as that might be for some viewers, it evidently won't be smooth sailing for the pair beyond that point.

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Kreisberg didn't give an exact date for WestAllen's nuptials. Though it could be as early as the four-show crossover since an event, other than a dangerous world-ending one, will apparently bring all the CW heroes together. Kreisberg did say the wedding will be on when Barry returns in season 4 but it won't be a happily ever after.

 "They are finally going to get married this season and then it's going to be: Can they stay married with everything that's coming up against them?" he teased. 

It's last part of that statement that sounds worrying, and it looks like it will be a part of a pattern for the two in season 4. In a separate EW interview with Andrew Kriesberg and actress Candice Patton, the executive producer explained that the upcoming year of The Flash will see Barry and Iris enter couples therapy. The source of their tension will be the new dynamic of Team Flash. Iris will be leading the team in Barry' absence, so when he returns things will a lot different. 

"Barry and Iris keep comically clashing inadvertently because she's used to being in charge, and he's used to being in charge, and so they wind up going to couples therapy to work through it," Kreisberg said. "The two of them with the therapist is some of the funniest stuff we have ever done on this show, but it also leads to a deepening of their relationship."

Iris will also being getting relationship advice from Caitlin Snow, with whom she'll become much closer in season 4. "[Caitlin]'s there quite often to give Iris advice on her relationship with Barry and how to move forward. It's actually more her idea that they go to counseling and get help," Candice Patton added. 

At first glance these teases aren't exactly inspiring. The Flash was far too dour in season 3 and one of the main depressing culprits was unnecessary drama in Barry and Iris' romance. Most fans would probably just like to the see two be happy and together for more than half an episode. The couples therapy might be played for laughs but it's still not a good thing that the two will need it.

However, just because Barry and Iris will be tested in season 4 doesn't mean that they'll be on the edge of a break-up. There's a definite way that The Flash can add some relationship drama to the show but still have an ultimately optimistic angle to it. The obstacles, like the therapy is supposed to do, could just make the relationship stronger.  

But what do you think? Is Barry and Iris entering couples therapy a good idea? Are you excited to see them get married? Will they end up being stronger or will they constantly be close to falling apart? 

The Flash season 4 will premiere on Tuesday, October 10 at 8/9c on The CW. Want more news? Like our Flash Facebook page!

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