'The Flash' Adds 2 Familiar Metas: Meet Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss
'The Flash' Adds 2 Familiar Metas: Meet Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The search for the final two bus metas is on, and Team Flash finally has a leg up on Clifford DeVoe. In fact, they now have a Thinker of their own.

Harry (Tom Cavanagh) slipped on his version of the Thinking Cap in "Run, Iris, Run," immediately prompting viewers -- and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) -- to wonder if a villainous twist is in store for the Earth-2 native. While we worry, however, Wells' experimentation with gray matter steroids has gifted the STAR Labs crew with the names of the remaining bus metas -- Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss.

Of the two, Gauss is the more familiar. Comic book readers will recognize the moniker as that of Folded Man, a scientist who can morph from 3D to 2D and back again, all before slipping through a portal in the fourth dimension. The Arrowverse will make a few changes to Edwin's character -- he's now a meta, for starters -- but his powers should remain the same. An important fact to consider as Barry (Grant Gustin) and co. tangle with The Thinker's pocket dimension.

Do Edwin's powers hold the key to uncovering DeVoe's secret lair? Or will the unsuspecting meta lend his countenance to the brainiac's catalog of faces? Viewers will likely have to wait until episode 18, "Lose Yourself," to find out.

In the meantime, Janet Petty might make her debut during next Tuesday's "Null and Annoyed." Although Ms. Petty doesn't register as a member of DC's extensive library, Harry's revelation should springboard the team into episode 17, which will feature the gravity-defying antics of Null. Is Janet a jewel thief with a penchant for making her problems just float away? It's certainly possible. What's more, That Hashtag Show's casting call for the character bills her as a recurring presence. As much as we'd like to see Team Flash embark on a string of wins, it sounds as if the heroes will lose this round. Poor Janet might just become DeVoe's next visage. 

Nevertheless, we can still hope for a bus meta coalition. Despite Barry's hasty decision (later recanted) to paint his dark matter victims in broad, villainous strokes, The Flash knows not all metas become rogues -- Izzy Bowen, Matthew Kim (Leonardo Nam) and Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) are shining examples of route 405's heroes. Now, if Team Flash can keep Melting Pot, the Elongated Man, Null and Folded Man alive, they could each take an active role in battling DeVoe.

Are you excited to meet Null and Folded Man? Do either of them stand a chance against the Fastest Mind Alive? Drop your theories in the comments section!

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