Is 'The Flash' Mystery Girl a Hero or a Villain?
Is 'The Flash' Mystery Girl a Hero or a Villain?
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Something wicked this way comes...and it might be traveling at super speed. 

The Flash's Mystery Girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy) returned during "Flashtime," but this time her bubbly antics were punctuated with a hint of villainy. An incongruent darkness crossed her face as the episode came to an end, a twist that, when combined with Jay Garrick's (John Wesley Shipp) promise of a new female speedster, has fans reconsidering their Dawn Allen/Jenni Ognats theories.

Where once viewers were certain MG's natural penchant for nervous chatter and awkward entrances indicated a clear genetic link to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Arrowverse fans are now trying to incorporate a diabolical twist into that schema. Her precognition and fluency with the Speed Force script brand her as a time-traveling speedster, but now we have to wonder if she's tied in with the Thinker, if she's the Crimson Comet's Earth-3 protege gone rogue, or both. Whatever the case, she certainly doesn't like Central City's wicked Elsa. 

As ebullient and chatty as ever, MG used the tail-end of the episode to hit us with a sting. After staking out Jitters (clearly the only coffee shop in Central City), she introduced herself to yet another pair of Team Flash's core members -- Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). As she spilled her Killer Frost (now the latest breed of iced coffee), she interrupted an important convo regarding the drink's namesake. For the first time ever, Caitlin can remember her alter ego's heroics. Not only that, but she knows Killer Frost cares about her safety, possibly even more than her own.

Now, why would MG think it was important to halt that conversation? Is it important to keep Killer Frost in a morally gray area? Would a fully cognizant Dr. Snow pose a threat to her plans? If only we knew what those plans actually were. Perhaps the Thinker does. After all, his psychotic mind sees all. 

Could MG be critical to the Thinker storyline? It seems unlikely that he's controlling her, but we have a sneaking suspicion Barry's incoherent rantings from the season premiere will be key to defeating the season 4 baddie. Aside from Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) translation of "This House is Bitchin'," MG is the only person who understands the Scarlet Speedster's second language. One way or another, MG's identity will come out. We're just hoping she's on the right side of superhero history when it does.

Who do you think MG really is? Is Dawn Allen (Barry and Iris' daughter) still your favorite choice? What about their granddaughter, Jenni Ognats? Sound off in the comments!

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