4 Things That Would Make 'The Flash' Season 4 Even Better
4 Things That Would Make 'The Flash' Season 4 Even Better
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
While The Flash season 4 has done marvelous work of returning the series to what made season 1 so special, there are things that now -- as a result of four years of character development and growth -- need to continuously be explored, especially because Barry isn't the only hero in Central City anymore. So, while season 4 has been pretty outstanding, there are a few things the writers can do to spice up the series even more.

Competent Heroes

With Barry in jail under suspicion of murder, and clear evidence pointing the finger at him thanks to Thinker, it's going to be up to Team Flash to keep Central City safe from the various metahumans plaguing the citizens with their criminal intentions. While the team can't necessarily take on The Thinker on their own without Barry, they should be able to stop a few measly villains-of-the-week.

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Killer Frost, Vibe, Kid Flash and now the Elongated Man have all been, for lack of a better phrase, dumbed down and their abilities lessened to make Barry Allen seem like the ultimate hero of all time, which is a travesty to their comic book counterparts and to the show. How are we ever supposed to take these characters seriously if they can't be heroes on their own, much less as part of a team, without Flash to stand behind them and hold their hands? With Barry in jail, let us see these characters actually be able to function on their own.

The Trial of the Flash

An arc from the comic books come to live-action, Barry being framed for a murder he didn't commit is something that could really shake the show and every character in it. This is a new path for a villain to go down, and while it's not going to be "easy" or "fun" to watch Barry in jail for this, it's going to be interesting to see how it progresses his character. Would Barry ever try to escape from jail if all hope is lost? He's in similar shoes to his father now after he was framed for Nora Allen's murder, so seeing Barry on this side of things will change him.

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Don't let this story become like "flashpoint," where it was literally over within one episode and didn't show the real consequences of the action. This is something that should last through several episodes, perhaps even most of the season, and should develop all of the characters, especially Barry and Iris.

More Wally

Wally West is an integral part of the West family and of the Flash legacy, so writing him off when he's just starting to become Kid Flash and become a hero on his own was really lame. Many fans want to see Wally eventually become the Flash, like he does in the comics, and that can never happen if Wally isn't getting the proper development and growth he should be. How will he step up in Barry's absence (again)? We probably won't see.

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A Balance of Light and Dark

Season 4 has attempted to get back to the lightheartedness of season 1 and it hasn't always worked. Some scenes should have a darker tone in contrast to the show's usual perky demeanor, so the writers need to find a way to balance the darkness that is overwhelming Barry's life with his time in jail with the light and comedic elements they're trying to capture. It's not too much to ask, is it?

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