'The Finder' Videos: Weathering a Hurricane in 'Eye of the Storm'
'The Finder' Videos: Weathering a Hurricane in 'Eye of the Storm'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The final Finder episode before the show's spring hiatus, "The Eye of the Storm," airs this week. Can Walter beat out nature itself to solve a case?

When a young girl goes missing right before a hurricane hits, Walter and his gang have to find her before drowning and/or blowing-away occurs. Will they succeed? How will they find her in the middle of a major storm? Check out these six Finder videos to find out.

WARNING: By watching these videos, you may learn enough Finder spoilers to piece together an entire episode's basic plot. Sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes not. Your call.

The first video shows Walter preparing for a storm that may or may not arrive in the near future.

I honestly didn't know that the word "hurricane" was derived from a Mayan term. The things you learn by watching TV! Still, it might not be best to trust Walter Sherman as a source of valid information, considering his position on the name "Catherine." Unless he's right about the vindictive nature of those with that name...

The second video takes us to an early stage in the investigation of a young girl's disappearance.

  • Yay! Another one of Walter's bizarro crime-solving models!
  • Has Willa been up to trouble to get her parole officer/social services worker back to the bar?
  • All paths really do lead from the cheese grater to the nutmeg. Obviously.
  • Mmmmmm... Eggnog...
  • OK, now I want to build a food-based replica of my general surroundings just so I can yell "Storm surge!" and wipe it out with a garden hose.
  • However serious the case may be, it is kind of hard to take it seriously after we've followed the licorice path.

In the third video, Walter seems to have hit a bit of a roadblock, turning to TV for the next step.

The social worker is right. Kids are not particularly interested in sharing with their elders.

The fourth video gives us the name of the missing girl -- Melissa Welling -- and brings Isabel into the case.

How exactly does someone act as the spleen of another? For that matter, what does the spleen even do? No one ever talks about it.

Walter seems to have made some progress by the time of the fifth video. He has photos of a snake van to investigate anyway.

But does anyone ever really get over the allure of a snake van? And does "FinderSpyder" work better than Google?

The final video takes place right in the middle of the storm. Apparently, Walter was right about Catherine hitting them -- no one seems to have power.

Is it random happenstance or extreme foresight that brought an electricity-generating bicycle into the Ends of the Earth bar? Will Isabel be able to find the lost girl in the not-dying window? What other secrets might be revealed in the process?

We'll find out the answers when the next Finder episode, "The Eye of the Storm," airs on Thursday, March 8 at 9pm on FOX.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)