'The Finder' Recap: Searching for Socks
'The Finder' Recap: Searching for Socks
Walter and Leo try to find a professional baseball player's good luck socks in tonight's The Finder.

Stealing Home

Tonight's episode starts off promising for Isabella, as she seems poised to consummate her budding relationship with Frank, a wealthy professional baseball player. Their evening is ruined, however, by an intruder who makes off with a gym bag and a prestigious trophy. They enlist the help of Walter Sherman, Finder, but he's reluctant to help, finding Frank's focus on the gym bag over the trophy suspicious. Isabel insists, however, and the Finder takes the case.

Walter and Leo go out looking for word on the robbery, which leads them to a couple of low-level crooks called the twins. They make fast work of the incompetent criminals, but they don't appear to be involved. Meanwhile, Frank explains his attachment to the gym bag to Isabel: it had a personally meaningful religious artifact inside, which he credits with his baseball success. Walter is skeptical, suspecting something more insidious like steroids--sure enough, when he finds the stolen St. Christopher necklace, he knows that his mission isn't accomplished yet.

Good Luck Charm

Frank explains that embarrassing as it may be, he was actually hoping to recover his smelly unwashed good luck socks. Leo is largely disgusted by this, but Walter is happy to finally have everything out in the open. The twins come by and shake down Willa, so she joins Walt and Leo in the investigation. They discover that a large bet was placed against Frank recently, suggesting that the better was sabotaging him by stealing his lucky socks.

Place Your Bets

The team tracks the culprit to an illegal gambling ring. Willa heads inside and explores the office of the club's lecherous owner. She's caught in the act, and it's up to Leo and Walter to save her. All they really do, however, is provide a distraction--when the club owner is roped into conversation, Willa knocks him in the face and incapacitates him. The twins show up, and the three bad guys all shoot each other.

Turns out the recovered socks are just random socks in a bag, though, as they lack the good luck musk that Frank so valued. The real socks were stolen by Frank's catcher, who was betting against his own team to pay off debts. With the bad guys dead, however, he's off the hook. They give Frank his socks back and he's none the wiser--his relationship with Isabel falls apart, but that frees her up to date Walt, so that's nice.

This was my first episode of The Finder, and I was mostly charmed by it. The action scenes were a little goofy, but that's perfectly fine for a light character-based mystery show like this. Michael Clark Duncan adds a nice touch of gravitas, Geoff Stults provides the handsomeness, it's a good system.

Best Lines:

"Frank's probably a coked up sex fiend trying to start World War III!"
- Isabel, with a touch of sarcasm

"There is nothing more anti-American than the pinch hitter."
- Walter, on the relative merits of al-Qaeda

"Haven't you heard the saying that in order to really know someone you gotta run a mile carrying a bunch of their heavy stuff?"
- Walter, on the art of Finding

"Do I look like a really big black dude?"
Willa, on her perceived resemblance to Michael Clark Duncan

"I'm the son of a bitch with a gun!"
The bad guy with the gun, on his gun

Ted Kindig
Contributing Writer

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