'The Finder' Recap: Disappearing Act
'The Finder' Recap: Disappearing Act
Assistant Escapes

A magician's big act ends in a fiery disaster -- and his assistant goes missing. Where did she go? Did she really vanish? How the heck did she escape?

Walter goes underneath the stage where he believes the assistant, Angelica, was able to escape -- and it leads to a room where there's a safe. He's sure that Angelica broke into the safe and stole all the money.

Except ... all the money is there!

Complicated Scheme

After a second visit with Isabel, she and Walter both realize that the money is counterfeit -- they all landed on the floor face down. You'd think the people making the counterfeit money wouldn't overlook that detail, but then again, it's not like everyone throws their money in the air.

The sleuthing leads to three people involved in the ring, with Angelica at the helm. She might be a magician's assistant, but she's the counterfeit queen.

'Opposite of Canada'

Walter quickly realizes that all these clues Angelica has left behind has led him to believe that she's escaping the country to the neighbors to the north. Except, it's a little too easy. So he asks what's the opposite of Canada? And then he turns the map around -- and realizes it's Mexico. That's what makes him so good.

The funniest moment of the season so far came when Walter spots Angelica in disguise waiting in line to hop on the bus. He chases after her, and he and Leo stuff her in a suitcase.

Lovers, Not Siblings?

Willa needs good influence in her life, and what's better than having a strong, female presence like Isabel? Willa doesn't realize it, now but I hope that she sees that Isabel cares. I like the growing dynamic between the two and hope it's something that continues to be explored.

Now on the subject of Willa -- are we really expected to believe that she and Timo are actually engaged, not related to each other? That they've been engaged for years and the only way to end it is $10,000?

I don't know how they can believe it, though Isabel believing it may have made the others, especially Walter, as well.

Did Willa get to everyone by being vulnerable? I think Isabel is an idiot for giving her the small amount of money she had, which is why I'm hoping for the best.

It's really hard to tell with Willa and her scheming, stealing ways. I'm just keeping my guard up when it comes to her.

Messy Relationship

It doesn't seem messy to Walter and Isabel -- they clearly seem to have established a work first, play later attitude without much commitment. How do they do that? I'd like to know.

Isabel gives some clues to her mind: She's a goal setter and doesn't let anything stand in her way. By six years, she's going to be dining in the White House.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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