The Fashion Show Recap: Copycats, Crybabies, and the Final Four
Last week on The Fashion Show, big personality Merlin was finally eliminated. Anna won last week for her very cute red dress. This week, on designer might be ripping off another designer. Oh no!

Right away, Reco says he misses Merlin but it's more important that he wins to pay off his bills. James-Paul goes cry baby on us and starts saying that being a designer is "Me. it's what I do."

The Harper's Bazaar Mini-Challenge:

It's about draping this week. Isaac Mizrahi takes 6 pins out of a draped dress to reveal one piece of fabric. Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar and Isabelle Toledo, designer of Michelle Obama's dress, are the guest judges. The designers get one piece of silk fabric and twelve pins. The judges like everyone's but James-Paul and Johnny R.'s designs. Daniella wins the draping challenge and her ego gets bigger and bigger.

Elimination Challenge:

Evening gowns. I think Reco just had an orgasm. The catch: crystals. They have to make the model feel like a million ******* diamonds! Haven, Angel, Keith, Andrew, and Merlin all come back for the challenge. Daniella and Haven, James-Paul and Merlin, Reco and Andrew, Johnny R. and Angel, and Anna and Keith are the teams. Daniella has a thunder storm for inspiration. Johnny R. hates working with Angel. Merlin will do anything for James-Paul and he's thinking black. Reco is thinking Victoria Beckham. Johnny R. is thinking Maggie Gyllenhaal. Anna picked a disgusting floral fabric.

Kelly Rowland and Isaac give their useless critiques. No one uses the crystals well. Isaac goes bug eyed a couple of times. Then when talking to Daniella, he looks like he's thinking to hard. Sounds like all of these dresses might fail. The don't do their gossip session outside so I'm guessing market research told the producers that it's weird and annoying.

The Judging:

The top two designs were Anna's floral dress and Daniella's thunder cloud dress. Anna and Daniella are the first two designers to be in the final four. The judges call Anna courageous for using floral. 82% of the audience said they would buy Daniella's design. Simplicity is evidently the root of elegance. Daniella wins.

Reco becomes the third designer to make it to the final four. Johnny R. calls his dress ugly because he's bitter. Reco does a 'suck it' motion in his interview.

Johnny R. and James-Paul are in the bottom two. James-Paul's black dress is too much of a costume. Johnny R's design lacks innovation. In fact, Glenda Bailey says she's already seen the dress on the runway. Isaac Mizrahi pulls out a photo of Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress by Lanvin. They look exactly the same. Johnny R's dress is just a bit shorter. That is the only difference. Daniella and Anna stick up for Johnny R and he blames Angel. Johnny R. gets sent home. Obviously. He looks guilty as Isaac told him he plagiarized. "I wasn't knocking it off. It was a dress that was extremely similar." Thanks for clearing that up Johnny R.

The final four are Anna, Daniella, Reco and James-Paul. Next week, the designers will be showing their whole collections. America will then vote on the winner of The Fashion Show.

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- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of NBC)