Exclusive Video: 'Fashion Show' Star Andrew Christian's Underwear Fashion Show
Andrew Christian had a rocky exit from The Fashion Show last week, but his career goes on. Andrew is currently ruling the men's underwear world with his designer boxers and briefs. Recently, Andrew Christian traveled to Seattle, WA to display his new Spring line. I had a chance to talk to the "Panty-Christ" about his time on Bravo's The Fashion Show and his current designs.

The interview was done before Daniella and the rest of the cast accused Andrew of being a copycat, no-talent designer so he doesn't talk about it at all. We do know that his one regret was not telling off Daniella when he had the chance. The most smack talk he say is that Kristin's hair was very "My Little Pony." Other than that, he supposedly got along with Johnny R., Angel and Reco, who is turning out to be a fan favorite.

The most impressive thing about Andrew Christian is his underwear empire. During the day, UnderU4Men, a specialized men's underwear store, hosted a meet and greet for Andrew's fans to come in to talk to him. Besides the fact that half the store was dedicated to Christian's designs, men (and even some women) flocked in to meet him. They barely cared that he was a reality TV star. Later on at the fashion show, the MC asked how many men in the audience were wearing an Andrew designer pair and the numbers were staggering.

His popularity is easy to understand when you find out what sorts of underwear Andrew designs. Besides great colors and logos, Andrew has two specialty collections: The Flashback and The Show-It. Flashback underwear are meant to emphasize the butt area. They are essentially the first push-up bras for a butt. The Show-It collections are mean to emphasize the male parts. So if you have a man that wants to make himself look pretty from head to toe, a pair of Andrew Christian underwear are a must.

The fashion show, hosted by UnderU4Men and held at Neighbours, was amazing. The atmosphere was light, the models were playful and overall, Andrew put on a good show. The first half of our video is our interview with Andrew about his time on The Fashion Show and the second half is about his underwear fashion show in Seattle. So watch below to check out all of Andrew Christian's new designs.

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- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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