The Ex List: To Watch or To Ditch?
The Ex List: To Watch or To Ditch?
A few days ago, BuddyTV’s very own Debbie Chang reviewed CBS’ The Ex List, which began airing as a fall offering last week.  The show, which stars Grey's Anatomy's Elizabeth Reaser, follows 30something Bella as she embarks on a journey to find Mr. Right (within a time frame of one year), a task she must complete or else she'd spend the rest of her life alone, a psychic warns her.  The catch is that she has already found Mr. Right and his name is in her list of failed relationships.  Recently, Elizabeth Reaser spoke to TV Guide to reveal some thoughts on her character, which is lighter and more fun than her heavy drama counterpart on Grey’s Anatomy.

"I'm always being tragic, anything where they're making a buffoon out of me, I love," she told TV Guide.  "The more buffoonery, the better!"

But kidding aside, Reaser says that she’s quite intimidated by Bella, who is defying the hands of time to find her true love.  Reaser says that “My older sister is married and that took a lot of pressure off me.  She had the greatest wedding of all time, the three most beautiful children of all time, and her husband is the greatest brother-in-law you could ever ask for.  So I'm covered; I can go be a crazy-actress diva.”

Recalling her own first breakup, she says, “I was 14 and devastated.  I got dumped.  And it doesn't get any better.  The only difference is that when you're 14, you think you're never going to get over it.”

While the show seems to reflect some real-life women issues, some TV critics and media organizations have labeled it with criticism, saying that it did not live up to its expectations.

USA Today recently published their review, in which they called The Ex List “gimmick-driven” and can be summed up into “a sex comedy whisked into a fantasy soufflé.”

The LA Times, on the other hand, gives it a chance and says that "it may be more smile-heh-chuckle funny than belly-laugh funny, but still, it is an oasis in a parched comedic landscape."  The LA Times also applauds the writer behind the American remake, saying, “Diane Ruggiero's script is smart and punchy, sweet without being sticky.”

However, some may worry about The Ex List due to the fact that Ruggiero has already left the show.  For those who want to give The Ex List another chance, tune into CBS tonight at 9pm.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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